Thursday, October 18, 2012

When Dreams Come True

Other women dream of jewelry or perhaps couture clothing. I dream of arenas and barns.

Once, while driving through the country, a friend pointed out a particularly sad, dilapidated trailer parked on a lovely piece of property. It was late fall and the skies were heavy with a threatening storm. "Holy crap! Someone lives there. It doesn't look like it could withstand a garden hose, much less a storm. How awful!"

I, however, squealed and pointed at the gorgeous, fabulous, mouth-watering new barn on the property. "That's where they live! Are you kidding? They're in there - no doubt. With their horses! Isn't it AMAZING?"

And it was. Giant, gabled, glorious. Set well back from the road, it commanded attention amid fields that stretched out with the promise of luscious space for horses to gallop. "Who wouldn't live there?" I asked. My friend looked at me like I'd lost my mind. Apparently she wouldn't.

"They just built the barn first. Anyone with horses would do that. Now they will live there while they build their house. It's obvious."

My friend rolled her eyes to convey a wealth of information. "You horse people."

Yeah. Horse people.

So now my dream is becoming reality.

Behold!!! My new arena! Or the beginning of it, anyway.

Yes, kittens. After years and years and years of owning horses and boarding them at show barns and stables, we are finally developing our property into a little horse property.

Complete with road to the arena, since it is located on the backside of our property.

Isn't it pretty? I even love the road!
The guys worked all day yesterday and are coming back today to finish. I love these guys. I really, really do.

More pictures later. They did an amazing job and it was almost entirely finished in one day. Like carving David out of a block of marble. Artists!!

I'm a giggly as a schoolgirl.

Fat boy will finally be able to come home. Of course home is the slums compared to where he lives now, but  I am counting on his love for me to make up the difference. Okay, yeah, he's going to be pissed to move here, but he'll get over it because he's a horse and he doesn't get a vote on the matter.



  1. Oh Buttercup, congratulations! We so want to save enough money for new barns, but it is pretty far down the lists. Did that business you mentioned a few months ago significantly augment your income or have you been saving for a long time?

    1. BOTH. The business is doing all right. Business is sort of flat, which, in the horse industry, is the new up. But we've been planning to do this for 10 years!!! Since we moved up here. SO I AM SO JACKED YOU CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!

      I have never had my horses at my own property. Always boarded at show barns. This is so outrageously cool I can't even begin to convey it.

      SQUEAL is the only word that comes to mind!

    2. My sister has 50 acres and a barn with stalls, but no working barn. She had 3 horses on the farm, but she boarded Dewey and his board was about the same cost to keep up the 3 at home. If you have been boarding, you could pretty much make payments on a loan for the cost of board. How many horses do you have again?

    3. I just have one and he lives at a friend's property that is nothing short of spectacular. 35 acres, irrigated pastures. An enormous covered arena. Unbelievable. But it's just me there and it's not mine. I have always wanted my horse right outside my door. And I will no doubt get another one to keep Fat Boy company. Plus my neighbor who I adore has horses and will come ride in my arena with me -- so I'll have company! It's always more fun to ride with others.

  2. Congrats, Buttercup! That's truly great news.

  3. Replies
    1. THANK YOU! It's been ten years. I am so completely stupidly insanely excited about it that I'm like a two year who ate the entire birthday cake WITH kool-aid and then was set loose with a bat and a pinata. Everybody look OUT!

      When my daughter was really little we used to spin wildly around the house singing, "Spinning outa control! Spinning outa contro!" That's me right now.

  4. You didn't allow the horse a vote in the matter? Speciesist!!!
    I am glad it's coming together for you.
    My ship came in the other day. Unfortunately, I was stuck in traffic at the railroad station.

    1. Yes. While I'm generally a libertarian with a modicum of social conservatism in the public arena, in the PRIVATE arena (HAHAHA!! arena...get it?) my horse (and even my kids) don't get to vote. Here, it's my kingdom and I am a genial despot.

      It's my way or the highway.

      We've been planning this for years. The property was heavily wooded with trees and shrubs. My husband and I cleared the area. Not an easy job. Then I did a web site for the the main guy and his wife, so he's giving us a sweet deal.

      Wheeling and dealing. That's how I roll. HAHA!