Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tonight's Debate

Question to Governor Romney: "Why do you make so many gaffes?"

Question to President Obama: "How is it that you remain so amazing after 4 years of intense scrutiny? You're just so cool. Loved you on Letterman, by the way."

That's really all you need to know while watching.

Get yourself a tall bottle of bourbon. Or tequila.


  1. I'm stopping for a bottle of scotch on the way home.

    The tough part of the debate will be regulating the scotch to right below the line where intense anger turns to throwing heavy objects through the screen.

    1. yummmmm...scotch. But I won't waste the good stuff on Obama, and I only like the good stuff.

      I can drink rot gut tequila, though.

      Move all the heavy objects out of reach. It's the only prudent thing one can do.

    2. Drinking game. Take a shot every time Obama says I/me/my and you should be safely unconscious in about 10 minutes.

  2. I tried to listen to the debate, I really did. All I heard over the high-pitched screech, the fingernail on the blackboard sound resonating inside my head was the president vomiting platitudes and the governor trying to be nice. Fuck nice, Mitt. Chop him off at the knees!

  3. Doesn't seem like Obama has any idea what's in Dodd-Frank. He was primed with an answer and that's what he's going to give regardless of whether it fits with what Romney said or not.

    Looks like somebody trained Obama to look cool and relaxed he should smile rather than frown when Romney's giving his answer. Too bad they couldn't train him in timing. It's so fake, you can see him doing it deliberately.

  4. Replies
    1. "Drop. Your. Sword."

      PERFECT! To the PAIN!

    2. And I am a CRAP BLOGGER!! What the hell was I doing? Here you guys were, ready for a drunk blog over a FABULOUS! slamdown on the mat by Romney, and I just popped off with a stupid little snark and turned off my computer to watch.

      I had no idea I would have anyone out "there" to talk to.


      Next time. It's a date. At Jess's or Joan's or Rachel's or here.

      What a remard.

    3. For the VP debates? Everybody will be laughing so hard at Biden they won't be able type.

      Obama's got to be trying to figure out a way to get out of the next two debates without humiliating himself.