Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

To all the future Republicans in the world.

Because redistribution is SCARY!


  1. Definitely the scariest Halloween ever. I'm going for the old style plot where the monster is definitely defeated at the end. None of that "or is it?" ambiguous stuff.

    1. Hey, you!

      Happy Halloween!

      I definitely have lost my edge. Seems I forgot to embed the video in this post. What a remard! HAHAHAHA!

    2. Hey! Glad you're back. You get eaten by a shark or washed away by a tsunami and I'd definitely tell the Great Pumpkin to put rocks in your bag.

    3. Last year when we were there, we were diving with a group and one of the guys SAW a 15 foot tiger. We all leaped into the boat, straight from the water. No ladder required.

      So this year, when we were out at Molokini crater and another snorkeling spot, the captain of the boat says that there have been sightings of a tiger in the nearby waters, so to be careful.

      It's getting so the pool looks better and better. I think I may have seen enough turtles and butterfly fish and whatnot. Besides, you aren't allowed to take your MaiTai down to the beach. Drinking poolside is starting to look VERY appealing.