Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Racism Starts Young

I thought you had to be taught to be a racist. This is TOTALLY code.

Either that or our public schools suck.

Yeah...it could be that.


  1. I think this is deep code. It is clearly about an innocent teen in Alaska whose father is abusing her. See how there is a cleverly hidden period after the 'E' in hole? The flower indicates southern Alaska, the totem pole tells the tribal area and the RED frosting confirms race. See? It's so obvious. She needs help!

    1. OMG! You're right. Why didn't I see all that? I haven't been watching CSI.

      This is clearly a cry for help. The poor child.

      Even though she is a racist.

  2. If you notice, the icing is white, while the cake is chocolate. This symbolizes the efforts of white people to subjugate people of color.

    1. Code.

      Or it could symbolize that even if you are 1/2 white, you will be judged by your blackness...or chocoliciousness, in the case of cake.

      More code.