Sunday, November 4, 2012

Freedom or Fairness - UPDATED! I'VE BEEN LINKED AT IMAO!

Joe Dan Gorman has been composing, singing, writing and producing great stuff for years. He now has another website, Intellectual Froglegs, where he posts pithy, pertinent, and priceless videos.

Here is his latest one:

Freedom or fairness. That is what is all comes down to, kittens. This distinction is one of the most telling differences between the liberal view of "good" and the conservative view of "good".

These two ideas are, inevitably, mutually exclusive. Freedom creates unfairness; fairness can only be achieved by destroying freedom. 

To the liberal, outcome or results are the most important things in determining whether a society is good or not. Their entire sense of morality is measured on external, material circumstances. To the liberal mind, all people should have "things." What those things are depends on the moment in history and the promises made by the men in power. To Lenin the things were bread and peace, to Hitler they were healthcare and education. Liberals waste no intellectual contemplation of the interior environment of a man, his dreams, aspirations, beliefs, motives, desires; they are too busy redistributing things. If anything, the individual dreams of men alarm and frustrate the left because they can not control them. They CAN control the distribution of things. But you need power to control things.

The left loves power. Everything they believe in can only be achieved through the exercise of political power. Everything. All of it. Because what they want doesn't exist and will never exist. So you must use power to FORCE it into existence. It reminds me of the old expression, "If it doesn't fit, get a bigger hammer."

The left is always reaching for a bigger hammer.

In contrast, the right values freedom, not social or economic "fairness."  We understand that fairness of outcome does not and can not exist among free men. We understand that the only fairness that can morally be expressed by a free society is the fairness of the just use of power. When power (justice) is "blind" and all men can expect the same treatment in the application of power within society, where power is used only to prevent injurious behavior, then men are free. When power instead becomes a tool to create "fairness", then all men are slaves, chained to the demands of others. Whether you are a slave to one master, or a slave to many, you are still a slave.

This difference between the left and the right is fundamental and irreconcilable. It springs from different moral imperatives, different values. While the left values fairness which requires the expansion of power, the right values freedom which requires the restraint of power.

We will never get along.

Here is another one of my favorite Joe Dan videos from a couple of years ago which highlights Joe Dan's composing and singing talent. Get to know him. He's good.

I will never get used to being recognized by the blogs I've been reading for years. I am such an attention whore. Someone needs to shove me back into my seat.


  1. "Freedom or Fairness" is a false distinction. It is not "fair" for the government to confiscate wealth from someone who has worked to support a parasite who won't work. It is "fairness" not greed which makes the producer to want to keep more of what he/she earned. It is fair for someone who has accumulated wealth to give some away if and only if they want to, and to give it to whom they want to. It is not fair for the government to forcibly make citizens participants in infanticide. It is not fair for the government to force taxpayers to subsidize the promiscuity of a thirty year old slut by mandating "free" contraception. It is fair for the government to butt out so that individuals can succeed or fail on their own. It is fair for the community in which an idividual lives to rally around someone who has some bad luck through no fault of their own, if that community decides they want to rally round. It is also fair for the community to withhold assistance from a parasite or thug who feels "entitled" to the productivity of a citizen.
    This is just another instance of the left hijacking the language.

    1. I think we must be careful when we say the left is "hijacking the language." To us, it does seem so, but to them, they are using it correctly. The difference in what we believe fairness means and what they believe it does lies more in what emotional triggers they have vs. ours.

      There is fascinating work done by a psychologist, Dr. Jonathan Haidt, on the spectrum of moral belief in humans. His research has shown that the left simply doesn't believe in the same moral system in which we do. They therefore have different measurements and different definitions.

      Freedom, fairness, rights, justice. All these words mean different things to the left than they do to us, and it can be traced directly back to their moral view of the world.

      But I agree with you. As a classical liberal, e.g. Adam Smith, Edmund Burke, John Locke, I believe that fairness can only be demonstrated in the fair application of power. That's what I was trying to say.

  2. "lies more in what emotional triggers they have vs. ours."

    Buttercup, I've noticed there's a big difference between conservatives and leftists when it comes to handling these 'emotional triggers'. What you say is true in that they really do believe they are doing the right thing, but the problem partly lies with the fact that they react immediately to their emotional triggers *without thought* in most cases - in other other words not much differently to the way a child reacts. A more mature person will stop and think things through, but what gets me is how they believe their way of no thought is a normal way to live. I've found it bloody hard to argue with them, as they don't *want* to think (too hard, too painful, whatever). Much easier to remain in la-la land than face reality. Heaven help us all, we've bred a mob of obliviots.

  3. There is no freedom, or fairness if there is no liberty.

  4. I think we should remind them that if they give power to the government, they can't always control the power.

    If they want to say that doctors must perform abortions because they are licesnsed professionals and it's legal, then all psychiatrists must offer therapies to 'convert' gay people.

    If pharmisicts must provide birth control, because it's legal, then they must also provide the state with death penalty drugs, it is legal after all.

    If you can ban trans-fats and 32oz sodas because they're bad for you, then you can ban sodomy. After all, it has a higher STD infection rate than any other form of sex.

    Wage caps should be applied to actors, singers, and lawyers.

    1. I think we should remind them that if they give power to the government, they can't always control the power.

      That is it. The whole ball game. "A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have."

      And when they "take" it, they don't ask nicely.