Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Voter turnout way down because yesterday was just a ho-hum day to Republicans across the country

After waiting for four years to rid ourselves of the biggest asshole in US history, the voters decided yesterday that it was inconvenient.

“Beyond the people with passion, we have a disengaged electorate,” Gans said. “This was a very tight race, there were serious things to be decided.” (emphasis mine)
"...a disengaged electorate." I don't fucking think so. But you can float that balloon so the sheep have something pretty to stare at.

“Everyone was talking about how the Democrats are unenthusiastic and the Republicans are fired up,” Kondik said. “It sounds like that was all talk.”

 We are being lied to.

And we will take it lying down, thank you.


  1. The precinct I worked at yesterday say about a 66% turn out of registered voters, people coming in in cold weather, not a few of whom still had no power after Sandy. There was another 5 to 10% of voting by absentee ballot. Our books were divided into two by streets so that we could have shorter lines; the book I was working at 1700 names, and 134 had voted absentee.

    The problem was that, as usual in New England, we had lots of folks who are happy to complain about what the folks in DC and Hartford are doing to us, but they insist on sending the same people back, time after time.

  2. GOP voters weren't interested? I'm not conspiracy minded but damn, that's hard to believe.

  3. I'm really not buying it, either. Like RG, I'm not conspiracy-minded but something really does seem stinky here.

  4. I'm not normally either. I'm always the one discrediting conspiracies, noting how hard it would actually be to carry off, the number of people needed, the secrecy, the logistics. Most conspiracies, when they actually happen, are discovered, and they almost always are around a single, isolated event that would require only a handful of people to be involved. Most of what we call conspiracies are simply an ordering of facts in a deliberately deceitful way.

    But as Foghorn Leghorn would say, "That just don't add up."

    Here is a chart showing how voters from almost every category shifted toward Romney, and he still lost.

    The Ulsterman Report goes over these numbers.

    1. But he didn't lose by much, right? He won a much higher percentage than McCain. And overall the voter turnout was down.
      It was a close one.

  5. And did you see this?

    Huh. How....odd. My ass.

    1. HO-LEE SHIT!

      Well, there it is.

      And did you know that after the 2008 election, Obama did not let his staffers in these swing states go? He's been paying them for four fucking years. So he had his little army all bought and paid for and installed to "help."


    2. Cause? ... or Effect?

    3. We may never know.

      In fact, I would bet on it. No one is prepared to address the issue of voter fraud.

      Both parties are at fault.