Wednesday, November 14, 2012


You can tell from the very first moment that Bill Whittle is not his usual upbeat self in this video. He begins not with his trademark, "Well, hi everybody, I'm Bill Whittle." Instead he seriously says, "Well, hello everyone, I'm Bill Whittle."

I know. It's subtle. But I pick up on the little things in life. Watch for yourself.

We are in the end game of this great experiment in freedom for the individual. How will it end? And, more importantly, which side will YOU be standing on when it does?

The takers? The makers? Or the watchers?

I know which side I'll be on.


  1. The ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE poster totally cracked me into a hundred guffawing pieces. Snorfle. Thank you.

  2. More Whittle, a long one. Just listened to the beginning, going to have to find time to watch the whole thing.

  3. I see both tiredness and anger in Bill's eyes, but no defeat.

  4. Oh yes. I didn't read defeat in his manner either. As Rachel says, he's pissed. That's why I put up the zombie poster. LOL!

    We all have to put on our big boy and big girl pants now. For the last few years it was felt that we could just turn this whole thing around now that we were paying attention. All we would have to do was point out how stupid and corrupt these people were; how they were destroying our fundamental character as Americans, and POOF! we could head off the whole thing. This election has shown that we are far more in trouble than any of us had imagined or conceded.

    And that the left is deadly deadly serious. We'd better be, too, of they WILL win.

    The reality is that the left had all the time in the world to work their plan, because this WAS a free country which respected people -- even stupid evil people, for the most part. So they had the luxury of challenging our system, burning flags, protesting, gaining power and we just watched. Think they will return the favor to us? Fuck that. They will be as brutal as needed to gain and retain power.

    "Liberty, once lost, is lost forever." --John Adams

  5. I believe that if this country is going to survive, the military needs to step in, and invalidate the last election. That there was massive vote fraud is inarguable. 59 precincts in Philadelphia did not record a single Romney vote. These are the same precints where the Republican poll watchers were thrown out. Then, there are the precints where there was a 140% voter turnout.
    What needs to be done is for the military to take over. I would hope that they require every state to completely purge their voter registration rolls. Then, allow only one month to get registered to vote. In order to register a person would have to present either 1) an American passport, or 2) an American birth certificate and social security card, or 3) naturalization papers and a social security card. 2) and 3) would also require a state issued photo ID of some sort: driver's license, concealed carry permit, or non-driver ID.
    All voter registration must take place at the county election board office ... none of this motor voter registration, or registration at the county welfare office. There would be armed military at each of the election board offices. If there is any shenanigans on the part of election board officials, that official would be immediately shot. The county election board would have 90 days to validate each of the registered voters' address. If the address is a vacant lot or a baseball stadium, that fraudulent registrant will be stricken from the voter registration rolls, and will have a warrant issued for his/her arrest. Upon apprehension, he/she will be shot for attempted vote fraud.
    The military will schedule the next election for 6 months from the time they take over. During the election, there will be armed squads at each polling place. Any person electioneering at a polling place will be shot. Any person attempting to intimidate voters will be shot. Any election officials or poll watchers who allow vote fraud or participate in vote fraud will be shot.
    For once, we could have an election with minimal vote fraue, if not free of vote fraud. If Obama wins that election, then he will truly have won. I don't buy the results of this election.

  6. "Think they will return the favor to us? Fuck that. They will be as brutal as needed to gain and retain power."

    Exactly right. If they're not stopped, it WILL come to the point of a bullet in the back of the head if you're no use to them. This is communism after all - to think otherwise is delusional.

  7. Yeah, he looks and sounds about as gut-punched as a lot of us feel. He also sounds really, really pissed of.

    Good on 'im!