Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sun poisoning in 3......2.......1.......

Stick a fork in her....she's done.


  1. Which is why I never went sunbathing. My options were fish white or lobster red.

    Fish white is a lot less painful.

    1. And fish white looks younger longer. Always a good thing.

    2. Oh yes.

      I interviewed once many years ago with a woman who was probably in her 30s, and who had obviously taken care of her face. But she also obviously did a lot of sunbathing, and the skin on her chest as seen with a V-neck sweater looked older, tougher, and darker than most saddle leather.

      I don't remember what her face looked like, but I can still see her skin. I had trouble not staring at it in horrified fascination all through the interview.

  2. As a red haired, blue eyed, fair skinned person, I have three colors: white, red, and blistered. And, there wasn't too much time spent at "red". So, when out in the sun, I always wear long pants, long sleeved shirts and a hat. Hell, I can even get moon burned at night. Perhaps I'm part vampire? :D

  3. I can tan, IF I am very careful and go slowly. My background is Scotch, English, German. I think the German blood gives me the ability to tan alittle. It sure as hell isn't the Scotch/English.

    But tanning is so bad for your skin. I LOL'd at the description of the woman with the leathered neck skin. There's a term for that - bald eagle. Refers to women who have had enough microdermabrasion or peels or Retin A or whatever to remove the years of tanning, but still have the darkened, leathery skin on neck and chest. Not nice, but pretty descriptive!

  4. What's interesting is that this past year I cut grain out of my diet completely, and during the spring and early summer was quite good about keeping carbs down overall. I spent several days outside in a sundress or a t-shirt working in the garden, in the sun with no sun block for three hours straight between 11am and 2pm. I ended up lightly tanned, and didn't burn at all.

    I've heard other people with similar stories, and it makes some sense. Even in Ireland and Scotland you do get some sun, and humans wouldn't have done well there if every time the sun came out they got burned so they could all develop cancer and die young.