Saturday, November 3, 2012

It's Going To Feel Like Halloween Until November 6

Have you ever had one of those dreams where it is life or death that you escape something -- you must run -- you must scream -- fight -- anything! -- yet you find yourself struggling impotently through black, cosmic goo, all your efforts to move faster than a sluggish, fatal, doomed pace to no avail, silent despite all attempts to scream for help, knowing the "bad thing" is bearing down on you with ferocious speed?

That's how I feel now with the presidential election rushing down on us, days away, and I attempt to discuss its importance with people who STILL THINK IT REALLY DOESN'T MATTER! Or even worse, with those who believe it matters SOOOOO MUCH that they are determined to vote for Ron Paul or Gary Johnson.

WTF is WRONG with such people?

Seriously. My mouth opens to scream at them, and nothing comes out. My hands struggle to rise to their throat, yet remain glued to my lap.

That's right, kitten. So make Mommy happy and vote for
Romney or you'll never see 18. I've got
your absentee ballot right here.
Am I being too dramatic? Perhaps. I have just given myself another TCA peel and have simultaneously decided to lose a nasty five pounds that have been hanging around uninvited for far too long, so my overall attitude is tending toward murderous/suicidal, but STILL!

Over at Rachel's blog, she deftly skewers the idea that the Obama administration should be allowed their little "bump in the road" concerning Benghazi. Especially with the election and all. We'd HATE to politicize the deaths of brave Americans. No one wants to know what happened that night more than our Beloved Leader, he's assured us, and he'll get right to the bottom of it after he wins re-election. This appears to be another "You have to pass it to find out what's in it" moment.

No, I don't. That crap sandwich stinks from here. It's had seven long weeks to "ripen." It's not hard to guess what's in it, thank you.

Here's my take on Benghazi. President Obama knowingly, deliberately, POLITICALLY watched those men die. Why? Their lives were not worth his re-election. He murdered them as surely as if he had pulled the trigger because he and he alone had the power to help and he just sat there - and watched. Facts coming out even suggest he actively REFUSED the help he could have provided.

That doesn't just make him culpable. It makes him responsible. With malice. And intent. To refuse help to those men in the face of an organized, sustained and highly militarized attack was to deliberately leave them to die. They were not going to get out of there without help. He knew that. He chose to let them die.


And with a level of cold-blooded self-interest that is chilling in its implications.

If you intend to vote for anyone else besides Romney -- who EVERYONE KNOWS is the only candidate who stands a chance of removing Obama from office -- then you must acknowledge that you are okay with a man of such soulless, lustful greed for power winning re-election.

This is not the time to throw your hands up in the air or to insist that your principles will not be compromised. This is war. And war is almost always a game of tradeoffs and compromises. The question must always be, "What decision can I make -- right now -- that will keep me alive to fight tomorrow?"

Voting for Romney is the only one. Any other vote is a vote to die -- if only metaphorically -- like those poor men who Obama killed because they were politically inconvenient.

Over at PJMedia, Zombie dials in on these last four years and if you can read it and STILL think this election is just like any other or that you MUST remain committed to vote for someone other than Romney who cannot win and therefore will INSURE that your dearest principles will be destroyed forever, I do not understand you. At all.

Why Was There No October Surprise? Because Every Freakin’ Day for the Last Four Years Has Been an October Surprise

Read it. Then vote to win.


  1. I made it about halfway through Zombie's list before I blacked out. Make it stop! Make it Stop!

    TCA, diet and election all at once?! Okay, just to be safe, whatever you say I agree. Unless you don't want me to in which case I don't. :)

  2. Here's my reasoning. I am already in a manic-depressive tailspin because of this election, struggling between Proustisn ennui, a kind of Mad Max intransigence and a tumbling Cirque de Soleil Hysteria fueled by alcohol and voracious reading. I figured I might as well add hunger and pain to the list.

    If we win, I will look fabulous, and if we lose, I can always gain the weight back in a food orgy of misery. And o Tuesday, I'll still be molting, so I can indulge in that as I skulk in darkened corners, hugging my bourbon or scotch, or gin or vermouth or whatever is left in The Drinking Closet.

    1. You'll be feeling better by Tuesday night. Meanwhile.

    2. HOLY HOLY HOLY SHIT! That was the most incredible video!

      I hadn't seen it until now because every time I tried to access it, I was on my iPad and it somehow couldn't view it.

      WOW!!!! I love it. I'm sending that to a friend. Her old mare is in trouble and may not last the winter.

      Thanks, RG. You're a dear.

  3. Oh Buttercup. I am so with you on all of this. The suspense and anticipation is making actually - literally! - physically ill. My appetite is all jacked up and I can't sleep. I NEVER have these problems! This is exactly how I felt the day before all my written exams in grad school, except honestly this is twice as bad because frankly, the outcome matters more.

    As for the abject FOOLS who think this election is no big deal because "things always work out" and the EVEN WORSE fools who plan to vote third-party while they secretly (or even openly) hope that Romney wins - well I've just had to stop talking to them. I can't do it anymore. They are all impervious to facts and critical thinking and frankly I've had to lose a lot of respect for a few people in my life.

    If things go bad, I'll meet you in the Drinking Closet. I'll text you pictures of my rapidly-emptying whiskey bottle, haha! (Seriously though.)

    I loved that Zombie piece, by the way. Like RG, I had to stop halfway down the list because my spleen exploded, but the part where he said, "Anyone’s who been paying attention since 2008 has literally been in paralytic shock every single day." made me cackle out loud in that sad, commiserative-while-amused way.

    1. Literally!!! LOL!

      Someone on your linguistic thread would take issue with that. I am howling right now. Literally!!!