Saturday, November 17, 2012

"...and he just kind of wrinkled his face and turned around and walked away."

Dr. John Lott, economist, academic and noted author of several books, including "Freedomonics" and "More Guns, Less Crime", relates a brief encounter with Dear Leader during their time together at the University of Chicago.

"I don't believe people should be able to own guns," announced our future Leader and Constitutional Scholar.

"Well, you know, maybe we can get together sometime, have lunch and talk about it," Dr. Lott suggested.

The intellectually curious and open-minded Obama didn't think so. So do you think the chances that Obama has changed his mind since then - now that he actually has promised to uphold the Constitution - are slim?, too.

Heh, here's an idea. How about the Secret Service not be allowed guns either? Fair's fair.

Visit Pat Dollard's site for the video. It would open automatically on my page and it was driving me NUTS.

H/T: Clash Daily and Pat Dollard


  1. Have you heard this interview of him by Mark Levin? Ties in somewhat with post above.

    1. Just listened to it. This is very like what I've read and heard about Obama regarding his time at Chicago.

      It was a farce. The position was given him to "flesh out" his resume. No other reason.

      On another blog, I think it was Boys From Chicago, there was a post years ago where supposedly the faculty there said no to Obama lecturing. The word came back that it was not up to them and to find him an office, a desk, and a chair. The professors said he was lazy and stupid and did not play well with others. Never attended meetings, etc.

      Arrogant SOB.

  2. The only way to stand-out on the Left is to be more extreme than the extremists. That's how they keep score - by counting scalps.

    1. Excellent point.

      I guess when your ideology is WRONG, your only option is to be more wrong than the next guy.