Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I no longer recognize my country

We are no longer a nation of free people.

And we chose not to be free.

So be it.  I hope that our fellow citizens wear their chains lightly.


  1. Day by Day has the right take: we are now the insurgents; the persons using unconventional warfare. I like it. http://www.daybydaycartoon.com/2012/11/07/#006730

  2. I recognize the U.S. and it's waking up. There's discontent that won't be pacified by canned comments from what is known as a corrupt media.

  3. We have voted for our servitude to a government who will control us, for our own good. Because we can't be trusted with anything as dangerous as unchecked personal liberty.

  4. I've had plenty of people, including a very nice black woman at work, agree with me when I say that our founding fathers started a revolution for lesser injuries. I've had many people agree with me when I say that I can now understand political assassinations.

    Of course none of these are my family, who can't understand why I would ever think that government policies might have something to do with my family's economic difficulties. Have we contributed to those problems? Yes. But the gov't is doing it's damndest to make sure that having started to dig a hole we will never, ever, be able to climb our way out of it.

    Now that the wonder boy has been re-elected, will Harry Reid get around to passing a budget. I think the betting odds on that one will be interesting. Will we see a mass exodus from the military of all those who can't serve any longer for a CiC they have no respect for or trust in? Will Europe "love" us as much when we can no longer protect their sorry hides from Putin and the Islamists? How quickly will Islam speed up it's attack on the West? For that matter, how long before Israel feels the necessity to go it alone? We'd all be safer if large portions of Tehran and Mecca were glowing green glass.

    I am working on my notes to BOR, and I'm going to add in my local Congresscritters, complete with a bill for the 5% of AGI my federal tax burden is going up in January, as well as the Tricare supplement, followed by copies of every medical bill I end up paying out because I can't keep my health care plan, you know, the one I liked.

    Drinking myself into oblivion has a certain appeal, but my sense of duty and obligation to family and others won't let me.

    On the sort of bright side, as some one on another site pointed out, when the economy finishes tanking and WWIII starts up in earnest, it will all be hung on Ø. He OWNS this now, baby!

  5. I just can't even....

    It is almost too much.

  6. Such a sad day. America's children are being sold into the slavery of debt and half of this country doesn't care.

    (I commented as anonymous because I have a hotmail account but no URL and didn't see an option other than anonymous).


  7. I awoke numerous times last night, suffused with a vague anxiety, wondering why I was so scared...and then remembered that Obama had been re-elected. Each time I would slip back into the sleep of the exhausted and the defeated.

    Many of the blogs I read are trying heroically to rouse the troops this morning, but I don't believe there is any turning back. Conservatism, and all it requires of a citizenry, has been rejected. At last. It took nearly 100 years to wear down the spirit of America, but it has been done.

    Andy, over at Ace of Spades says it for me. And one of his commenters notes: Atlas is shrugging.

  8. Probably not going to have to pay the debt for much longer. With a populace this hopeless, I don't see any way we continue with business as usual. It was a long shot before but it looked barely possible. What I expect we're going to pay is the consequences of not paying the debt.

    So very disappointed in and ashamed of the people. They've taken the greatest nation and sent it to ruination.

    1. I lay the greatest blame at the feet of the venerated "Greatest Generation"...the old fucks right now sucking at the government teat with all the goodies they voted themselves since the 60's.

      I know that's not popular to blame Grandma and Grandpa, but that's the truth. We didn't get here over night. It took DECADES. Decades when I was fucking 12 years old. I didn't vote for this shit. But I have inherited it. And now, when it is all unraveling, the oldsters protected their "investment" because they were afraid that Ryan would push them off the cliff.

      AND the oldsters of today raised the fucking hippies of the sixties...who are NOW IN CHARGE! They were the parents of the most fucked up generation in this nation's history. So they have that, too.

      I am really angry. I am sad and more than a little frightened.

      We have Valerie Jarrett AND Obama promising revenge for opposing them, and we have confirmation that Obama's government has purchased hundreds of millions of rounds of armor piercing ammo...shipped to locations here in the US, like Social Security offices and the IRS. WHY? Who are they intending to shoot?

      We are not just ruined. We might be dead.

      Dramatic? I hope so.

    2. I ran that Jarrett quote past my mother this morning, and she just poo-pooed it as "people say things, but they never mean them". She is willing to put some blame on the Democrats in Washington, but as soon as she says that she always has the "but the Republicans are even worse". I've gotten her to admit that JFK was probably to the right of Mitt Romney, but even though I know that she and Daddy would vote for zombie JFK if he was on the ballot, they will never vote for anyone without a D, no matter how thoroughly you can prove that the non-D's policy positions are far closer to what they believe than the D's are. It's that stupid letter that is all important.

      I pointed out, again, that we're looking at losing another 5% of our AGI in various fed taxes come January 1. She said that if Washington doesn't do something about the tax cliff, she's going to go down there and start sitting on doorsteps, she's that mad about the taxes. I should have asked her why, if she hates what DC is doing, she helped send the same guys back. However I should also have told her that I've been mad enough to do that for months now, but unlike her, I'm not retired, so I don't have the luxury.

      I think I need some very large doses of Prozac at the moment. Haven't felt the need for anti-depressants for years, but I think now might be a good time to start again.

      I'm also planning on not giving anyone outside of my immediate household Christmas presents. They'll all get nice cards explaining that due to the policies enacted by the party they support, we don't have the money.

  9. Here in the PRC I think I'm even sadder that the dolts passed Proposition 30 (highest sales tax in the country) and defeated Prop 32 (require unions to get annual member approval to deduct political contributions from wages). We are screwed.

    1. Lambert, I am with you. If we could sell our home, we would. I still have relatives in Idaho. Might be a good place to hunker down.

      California is done.

  10. FUCK that. I recognize YOU. YOU are an American with a capital A. And I intend to be, as well, until I die, and I'm teaching my daughter to be as well. We just have to work harder, is all, and understand who did this, it's not Mitt, it's not Obama, it's the teachers, the media, and the unions, without whom a Democrat couldn't get elected dogcatcher. The gauntlet has been thrown. I'm picking it up and I'm stepping into the breach. Take my hand.

    1. Og, I don't even have a hangover today to blame for my malaise. I quit drinking early, because well...it was all over early.

      Here's my question: How is it that after FOUR years of unprecedented activism in the Republican party, the rise of the Tea Party, MASSIVE GOP fundraising success for Romney, HUGE crowds at rallies, and every single Republican I know swearing to walk across cut glass to vote yesterday, we see LOWER turnout than in '08? After waiting FOUR years to oust this asshole, THAT many people were just too busy yesterday?

      I don't buy it. It don't smell right.

      When I get over this funk, I will start by flipping off every single fucking Democrat in this country. You are no longer my countryman. Then Atlas WILL shrug and I hope to Christ that all of stupid people experience a shit ton of hurt.

      And I will be with you fighting. Even if we lose. I want to talk as many of the bastards with me as I can.

    2. Holy crap, typos are funny.

      TAKE...not talk.


    3. Because conservatives play by the rules and the morons cheat because they know they can win no other way.

      Don't flip anyone off, don't show your hand. Smile and be polite, and have a plan to kill them. KIDDING! Actually, be prepared to fight in ways that are devastating but not traceable. We'll talk later about these things.

  11. The moochers have elected their king, and I know this re-election of their emperor with no clothes has knocked the stuffing out of you guys temporarily. I'm betting you'll get your fighting spirit back in short order.

  12. What he said.

    R.S. McCain
    "What is left to hope for? That the American people will soon regret their choice? That another four years of economic stagnation and escalating debt will cure them of their insane appetite for charismatic liberals? If four years of endless failure have not rid them of this madness, the disease may well be terminal. Perhaps others will still see some cause for hope, and in another few weeks my friends may persuade me to see it, too. But today I will hear no such talk, and I doubt I'll be in a better mood tomorrow. At the moment, I am convinced America is doomed beyond all hope of redemption, and any talk of the future fills me with dread and horror."

  13. "We want our stuff, and we want it for free."

    I think RG has a point. This talk of how our grandhildren will be paying off our debt is ridiculous. We will have defaulted long before then, will likely be a 2nd World country by then. There is no paying of 16 trillion dollars in debt, which we all know will be significantly higher/worse in another four years.

    We haven't mortgaged our children, we have bankrupted our country. "We" just don't realize it yet.