Thursday, November 8, 2012

Well, this is a little disturbing.

To all the Jews and Christians who either voted for Obama or chose to sit this out. Thanks. But I think you're going to find out that you won't be allowed to "sit this one out." Sorry. The storm is gathering and you not only can't hide, you can't even run anymore.

And Bronco Bama sitting down and performing the "miracle of the last diplomatic supper" between Israel and Iran is ludicrous on its face. He won't do squat, and even if he tried, he has as much chance of reconciling Iran to Israel's existence as he had in bringing the Olympics to Chicago. Good luck with that, champ.


These guys are liberals so they are BEYOND vulgar. They can barely talk for the almost reflexive need to insert M-F'ers every other word. Good LORD! We are so very very doomed in so many many ways. Get a load...

When it all hits the fan, I hope you idiots who thought Obama was up to the job have just one MOMENT, one FLASH of insight that you are absolutely, positively, irredeemably STUPID. I can't even think of a word to convey how incredibly stupid you people are. I just really, really hope it hurts.


  1. American Jews are going to find that when socialist delusions fall apart Jews always get a prominent place on the scapegoat shit list.

    1. For a people who are demonstrably intelligent, I can not believe how God DAMNED stupid they are about politics.

      The problem this time, is there is no "America" to save their asses.

      They voted that away.

    2. And I had to delete and report that TWICE because of typos.

      One of these days I will proof my comments first.

      But it is not THIS day!

    3. At least you can edit. :) If I'm not really careful, my brain insists I typed words or made changes that didn't actually make it through my fingers. Until I post it that is, then it's "Damn, I can't believe I did that, I was sure I got it right." There better not be any of those in this comment. :)

  2. 'Obama was up to the job...'

    The question is: what job is he up to?