Saturday, November 17, 2012

It's not just the 2nd Amendment that is under attack.

Previously I posted a video of Laura Ingraham interviewing Dr. John Lott about our smartest president ever and his apparent TOTAL LACK of intellectual openness to the idea that the 2nd Amendment says what it says - and means it. Or, to be fair, that video was more of an indication that what the 2nd Amendment says did not matter one bit to someone, such as our Constitutional scholar and future president, who is obviously so much brighter than the old dead white guys who wrote it.

Now, it's the 1st Amendment they are after. Bill Whittle brings us a video detailing how our institutions of intense indoctrination higher learning are telling us to "sit down and shut up."

This open and unapologetic intolerance is perfectly understandable. When you have long since stopped questioning your assumptions, because, after all, all the really SMART people think just as you do, then why in the world would you give some dumb yokel, who spouts off about freedom and rights or anything with which you disagree, the time of day? Or an A, for that matter?

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