Thursday, November 29, 2012


Effective Jan 1, 2013, aspirin will be taxed under Obama's Affordable Care Act.  The explanation was that they are white and they work.

No other reason was given.


And I don't care. When I read that it is racist to like white turkey meat, my head split completely in two like Zeus' and out leaped, fully clothed in armor, White Wonder Woman. And ALL bets are now off.

If everything is racist, then it might as well be funny. Because otherwise, it is merely tragic.

H/T: Moonbattery


  1. Ye gods is there no end to the moonbattery??

    *double facepalm*

    1. I know...right? It has gotten to a level where you have to just make fun of how everything is seen as racist, even poke at them a little. I mean, the alternative is to cower in the corner.

      My honest reaction when I first saw this joke was that it was making fun of Obama's racism. How he hates "typical white people" and how he has created a rapidly growing welfare state as a major constituency. Then I realized it was supposed to racist from MY point of view. And I laughed even harder.

    2. It's like somebody said in the comments of that article, that they were checking to make sure they weren't on "The Onion" site, heh.

      I love The Onion btw, their parodies are top notch. I have no idea how the actors in their videos *ever* manage to keep a straight face. Iron self control. Me, I'd be losing it..

    3. The Onion is fabulous. Did you hear that they did a piece on the new kid in No. Korea, Kim Jung Un or whatever the hell Little Chia II is named as the sexiest man alive -- and the Chinese thought it was REAL!

      HAHAHAHAHA! We are living in the age of the stupid. I swear to God.

    4. No, I didn't see that but I can sure believe it.

  2. Churchill attended a dinner party in Virginia. The well endowed hostess leaned over his shoulder with a platter: "Would you like a piece of chicken?" Churchill: "Yes, I'll have a breast!" Hostess: "Dear Winston! Heah, in Vuhginia, we say 'white meat'." The next day, in gratitude for the hostess' hospitality, Churchill sent her an orchid, with a note requesting that she wear it on her white meat.

    1. Churchill was known for his wickedly naughty sense of humor. Utterly British.

      He once was in the hospital and had to ring the nurse to remove his bedpan. In she zipped and whisked it away. As she was leaving, he started laughing uproariously. She turned and asked, "What is so funny?"

      He gasped out, "That is the first movement of mine that has actually been carried out with a fight."

      And that joke is about as close to bathroom humor as I will go. HAHAHAHA!