Saturday, November 3, 2012

May the best horse win.

Today was the Breeders Cup Classic, the richest horse race in Thoroughbred racing.

At 5:45 or so, the camera focuses on the horse's trainer, Ian Wilkes. Beside him is a woman, probably his wife, who so reminds me of myself. Not in looks, but in behavior. I would be just like that if my horse were winning -- arms pumping, screaming, clapping, jumping up and down. Yeah!

If your heart is racing, your breathing is ragged, you're screaming, "Oh, God!" over and over, and the whole thing only lasts around 2's probably a horse race.


  1. Come this Tues the 6th, we will have "the race that stops the nation" here in Australia - the Melbourne Cup. Plenty of jubilation at winnings and cries of despair when losing on the bets. Aussies love to bet.

    1. One of the reasons I love you Aussies so much is that you love your horses!!!