Sunday, June 17, 2012

Worth His Weight In Gold

This horse is what is known as a "packer"...which is slang for a babysitter.  What a kind guy!!!  But, to be honest, that little kid does stay pretty balanced and out of his way.  He really is quite a remarkable little rider, it's just that he doesn't have a hope in hell of actually DOING anything to affect the horse...just going along for the ride.  But oh well...there are worse ways to spend the afternoon.

And my money says this little kid is going to be a fabulous rider in 15 years.

O.M.G! I almost forgot about this video.  This illustrates in hilarious, cringing, side-splitting, fall-over-in-your-chair-gasping style how a packer can take care of a rider who can NOT stay out of his way or remain quiet on his back.  Compare this guy with the little kid in the first video.

However, even through my tears of laughter I would have pulled the son of a bitch off that poor, gallant, honest horse and whipped HIM when he hit him after missing the spot at that fence. That was NOT the horse's fault.  Nothing in the entire ride was the poor horse's fault. The guy was so bad he was almost mythic.

I do hope he rides with a cup or he's is undoubtedly a eunuch by now. Actually, I kind of like that idea...after seeing him hit his horse.

Yeah...I really like that idea.


  1. WHOA!!! How did his feet keep finding the stirrups again? And that poor horse. It is one thing to carry 150lbs, but to have it continually dropped on your back has to S.U.C.K.

    As far as the nice little whip goes, it may be what Mr. T was trying to get of that choking guys' throat. I don't think Mr. T thought it would actually get it out either, but it does explain the cartoon.

    1. Harde-har-har!!! I like the idea. I REALLY like the idea.

      WHAM! Hope that helped...It didn't? Oh well...helped me. I feel better!

  2. BWAHAHAHAHA!!! I feel betta...sucka.