Saturday, June 9, 2012

Why I Took Up Gardening


  1. Is that Calvin without Hobbes? I knew that cat was a good influence. And Rachel Lucas calls them all assholes!

    1. Tuerqas, you are hysterical! I love your comments.

      Cats ARE assholes. Rachel is right.

      I'm working on a long post about how liberals see conservatives as cats. Toying with it, just like my cat last night...toying with a poor mouse. He was teaching it "learned helplessness". It was a crash course.

  2. That post will never work out. It would have to presume that we conservatives are toying with them. And while I totally see myself as doing that on a regular basis on political blogs(and I am definitely cat-like in many other ways) libs can never recognize that they are being played with. Even the ones I am playing really nice with(Velvet paws Ma, velvet paws! Aww Ma, can't I play just a little longer) can never acknowledge a point, even when they have proved it themselves. When they seem to see the light, they go off on another rangent(rant tangent) and you have to start all over. It sounds like you know exactly what I mean, though.

    It really is a good analogy, now that I think about it, but the Dem knowledge video pretty much bears me out. How many of them probably talked about 'politics' with friends, family and acquaintances, but all they know are true and false slurs about Palin because their own party has nothing to offer. Who cares that the phrases dependency breeds dependency and nothing given can breed pride or self worth are true, it does not FEEL good and why shouldn't those richies help out the poor in perpetuity? If it does not fit their world view, it is utterly discarded from their awareness.

    Do you have any idea how many times I had the same argument with the same person on a topic and never once was it taken up where it left off. It always starts completely over as if they had never heard the argument before. More than once I cited the same article they had cited earlier(and misunderstood)as proof. One time the other commentor then scoffed at the link as biased and flat out denied he had ever cited it, EVEN THOUGH THE PROOF WAS LESS THAN 2 WEEKS OLD AND IN THE SAME BLOG!!!

    I look at your premise and suddenly it makes sense to think maybe cats just seem like assholes because they really are a superior being...Now, as I have come to see, if you change your premise to 'conservatives see themselves as cats playing with liberals, that works out for everyone I think.

    1. Oh...yeah!???! Is that a challenge? LMHO!

      It wouldn't be about political knowledge or differences, it would be about the way we relate to the world, each other, and what we find moral and immoral.

      Cats are individualists. (conservatives)
      Dogs are pack animals. (liberals)

      At least from a liberal's point of view, which is ALWAYS self-serving and ignorant of the other side.

      It would be a post entitled Fighting Like Cats and Dogs.