Monday, June 11, 2012

Bad Ideas Never Go Away

At least not in government they don't. In government, they just keep coming back like Michael in Halloween.

The Law of the Sea Treaty is a hideous piece of socialist garbage that has been hanging around for decades and we've never had a Senate stupid or corrupt enough to give it any real consideration. Until now.

Remember, when he talks about sovereignty, it is not just some abstract and archaic notion - he is talking about YOU! The question is, under this treaty, will you remain your own person, protected by the laws and the ideals of freedom on which this country was founded and for which many have fought and died? Or will your rights be signed away by a Senate that is more interested in consolidating power into the hands of a very few and totally unaccountable elite? America exists to protect you, the individual. To my mind, anyone who signs this treaty should be tried as a traitor. Clearly, they are not abiding by their oath to protect and defend the Constitution.

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