Tuesday, June 19, 2012

And I Missed It!

Damn! I'll never get over this....wait...I'm over it.

From the Boise Weekly.

As a sweet little girl from Idaho, I'm delighted to show y'all that someone back in my home state has decent taste in music.



  1. Wow! Is that really in a newspaper or is that the Onion? That is amazing. The first song I ever heard from Nickelback, I thought was okay. After I had heard it 50 or so times my wife(the music guru) mentioned to me that I had heard at least 8-10 different songs. They all sound the same. Heh.

    Hey, do you know when it is me or should I keep putting my name down? I noticed I know longer have to torture my eyes (thank you very much) with the copying down of the hard to read words and my comments are going right through. Am I special, or did you dispense with that? I figured I would ask you this on a comments page no one else would read in case it is a sensitive subject(who is gonna read the comments on week old Nickelback posts, am I right?).

    1. That was actually honest and for truly in the newspaper. We have a sense of humor up in Idaho! It's where Frank J. Fleming lives (Boise) from IMAO.US fame. Love him. Too damn funny!!!

      I always know you, Tuerqas, because your "voice" is distinctive. And, to be honest, I have so few people commenting that I'd have to actually be mildly retarded not to keep you all straight. Rachel was bitching (hahaha! - not really...kinda sorta) about the word thing and so I removed it.

  2. That is weird and cool, thank you. My sister, who has no idea of the history of the word Tuerqas, had guessed out of the blue(or so I thought) that it was me she was reading on Boots and Sabres, a more political blog. I couldn't believe that 1) She READ B&S and 2) that she thought of me when she read a commentor so strongly that she asked me about it. It was very cool and flattering to hear from my sister whom I had always respected as well as loved(my 2 brothers, not so much in the respect column) that she enjoyed reading my comments on the blog. She said I had a distinctive voice as well. Thank you.

    And now I have to thank Rachel.. again.