Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Perfect Gift

Struggling to find the perfect gift for that lovely young couple starting out life in the worst economy since the Great Depression?  Of course they won't need anything.  What to do...what to do...

Give to Obama's re-election.
Photo courtesy of the brilliant and talented S. Weasel

I kid you not.

I can't decide who is the bigger asshole here.  Obama, for asking, or the person who would actually give a donation to Obama instead of a gift.

And can I just add that this is really creepy?

And talk about your "War on Women"!!!  You tell me that my wedding gift was a donation to Obama and WWIII would break out.  Right.  On.  The.  Spot.  You had better be ducking when you say it.

PLEASE do not miss the comments section on The Dick-tator's webpage.  Freaking hilarious:
Is this what the office of the President of the United States has come to? Pandering for wedding and birthday money?

Yes, it has, but stay tuned -- he has quite a way to go before he hits bottom. Should be amusing.

It's like when Wile E Coyote falls off the cliff


  1. Fargging hilarious. What is next, Piggy banks for Obama? A black pig with an Obama in a cape pic on one side and a slogan on the other: 'Saving' the world for the next generation.

    He should have sent one out to every Dem donor in 2008. They could break them all open now in their young children's names and send all of the child's savings to Obama; for their future. It would not be for the children, but it would be from the children.

    1. ****It would not be for the children, but it would be from the children.****

      HOWLING! Effing per-FECT! So now it's come full circle with the Demos. They used to cover their covetous tracks by saying it was for the they are willing to just take their ice cream money for Our Most Beloved Leader.

      I could just puke.

  2. Oh no, no, no dear...Puking is bad for your complexion. We must hink of the wrinkles.

    1. bwaaaaahahahaha!

      I thought "purging" was good for you. Sorta like rapid fasting.

  3. Rapid fasting? That is a great phrase. I like the application. Hey! Hurry up and don't eat that we're FASTING. I was thinking of the acid burns on your throat and lips if you bulimisize yourself too often. And if you are a messy girl...

    This lovely little conversation reminds me of a comedy half-hour by Billy Connolly somewhere late 80s early 90s. Google Billy Connolly/Whoopi Goldberg and maybe HBO. Whoopi 'hosted' an HBO special and the half hour from Billy Connolly is the funniest half hour I have ever seen in my life. I wore the tape out that I had made. On the net it is broken in to a bunch of segments, but there is a segment on vomiting... I can still recite much of the half hour, with a decent Scottish accent.

    1. So now I have ANOTHER series I am doomed to become addicted to...thanks to you???? Is that it? I will obediently comply. Mostly because Firefly is so damn good, you're recommendations now are solid gold.

      The only thing I've ever seen Billy Connolly in is "Muppet Treasure Island", which is another all-time favorite around our house. Bloody hilarious. He plays Billy Bones.

  4. No, no, it was one comedy half hour, but I can't find it on the net except broken in to like 5 or 6 five minute segments. It is only one half hour comedy though. Billy Connolly is the Dad's voice in the movie BRAVE out right now. I love his voice.

    If I was going to addict you to something new it would be books. Have you read the Dresden series? I am a fantasy fanatic and there are some really great series out there, but the Dresden series is the best. If you like the first one, look out, because I guarantee they just get better and better. Now, I admit, I like heroic fantasy, impossible odds, and a cocky hero. Dresden is the best, perhaps not the cockiest (Vladimir Taltos still wins that), but it is the best series I have ever read. If you are not a fantasy reader, I still think it appeals, but it may not be the type of book to 'get you in to Fantasy'. I am merely assuming that anyone who has read S. Morgenstern's A PRINCESS BRIDE is at least somewhat of a fan...The first book is Stormfront.

    1. I never really got into fantasy, though THE PRINCESS BRIDE was a HUGE favorite...and the whole Lord of the Rings, and I loved the first Dune.

      Another fantasy that I LOVED that no one has ever heard about is "Silverlock". WONDERFUL book.

      I'll check out the Dresden series. Right now I'm reading two of Scott Ott's books on Kindle, just bought Frank J.'s "The Greatest President In the History Of Everything", and have Scott Rasmussen's "The People's Money" sitting on my bedside table...

      I read voraciously. But always have too many lined up.

  5. I'll look for Silverlock, but that much politically charged reading depresses me. I get enough of that in real life. For me, books have always been to escape. BTW, who is the greatest Pres in the History of everything? I may be interested in that one.

  6. Greatest president -- you have to ask? Obama, of course.

    Silverlock is GREAT! It is old and probably out of print. It is a fantasy where a traveler is lost in a land where he meets greats from history and literature...but they are sort of disguised, so you have to know a little something to identify them. Good stuff.