Saturday, June 30, 2012

Let Me Be The First To Say It

Chief Justice John Roberts is a coward.

There is simply no other explanation for what he did in his ruling on Obamacare.   It does not and can not stand legal analysis.  It is not clever, as many have tried to argue, making Roberts some sort of sly legal genius, saving us all with a wink and a smile.  It can not be supportable logically.

Only cowardice could have delivered the opinion he wrote.  The left loudly threatened that if Obamacare was struck down in a 5-4 vote, it would PROVE the illegitimacy of the court.  A 5-4 vote would be conclusive evidence that the Supreme Court is completely politicized and therefore could not be respected or even recognized as a legitimate, functioning balance to power.

It is vitally important to note that this argument completely ignores the position of the liberal side.  Everyone in this entire country knew that the four liberal judges would vote in favor of this law - and all four did.  There was never any question that they would even consider its constitutionality.  Only those justices viewed as conservative in thought, and therefore potentially opposed to this massive overreach in power, were being held as "politicized" and illegitimate.

In other words, kittens, we have reached the point in this country where only liberal political thought is legitimate.  And the Supreme Court, under the coward, Roberts, has just affirmed that.  And he destroyed due process in order to do it. 

Basically, from now on, the law can be whatever they say it is, whenever they say it.  Suck on that.

So get used to your new Overlords.  Because now it's all of them.  The President, the Congress and the Court.

But remember to play nice with Big Government.  It has Big Guns, too. 

UPDATE:  The Volokh Conspiracy - Roberts switched his vote due to political pressure.

Like I said.  Coward.


  1. "Only cowardice could have delivered the opinion he wrote."

    Yes. Exactly.

    1. Obama is a thug and a liar and our courts have proven that they are cowardly and obedient.

      We are humped.

    2. Succinct and perfect, ma belle. For what it's worth, count me among the inglorious bastards who will fight in the rear-guard action.