Friday, June 29, 2012

Watergate was a BFD

But the deaths of hundreds of people as a direct result of a deliberate program to sway public opinion against the 2nd Amendment?

Nothing to see.  Just Republicans using politics to go on a witch hunt.

Well, they got the witch.

Holder held in contempt.



  1. Held in contempt he may be (and should be since he's just another lawless thug) but it won't make much difference. It's quite obvious by now that Obama and all his ilk have NO respect for the law.
    It's already obvious that the DOJ are going to protect him, making the name Dept of Justice a joke.

    1. Via the ruling on Obamacare, we now know that the law means whatever they say it means. And now, with the DOJ protecting Holder (as it already protected the New Black Panthers), it is confirmed that the law -- as they interpret it -- will be applied as they see fit.

      We are well and truly f*&ked.

      Good thing I stockpiled KY Jelly when Obama won.