Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Morning After

On Wednesday morning in Wisconsin, Governor Walker was STILL Governor Walker. But for pouty babies, reality wasn't setting in. Did anyone think it would? Pouty babies need to grow up. Until then, they need a HUGE timeout.

I'm all choked up. Really, I am, dear. Here... I hope this helps.

H/T: Jim Treacher of the Daily Caller


  1. That girl is a righteous fury of...of something! Imagine the retarded(libs can use that word, you know) hillbilly media calling the race without all votes being counted just because it has been done that way for a century. How dare they?

    My favorite line was when she started ranting about not wanting to come out and hear the solidarity singers, and then seem to realize what she was saying. It sure sounded like she was sick of them too.

    I know, have the SS (solidarity singers of course, you Nazi!) put out CDs, Sell them and use the proceeds for all Dem elections in November! They'll have tons of money!

    1. Capitalism in support of communism. I like the irony. LOLZ!