Saturday, June 30, 2012

Newsweek Had It ALMOST Right

And so does Protein Wisdom, as he contemplates his future in the "new" Socialist United States.
And yet here I was, yesterday a free man and today a subject, a piece on some central planner’s RISK board, wondering about the future — about my children, both born free and both now slaves to a central authority with the Constitutional right to tax what they both do and don’t do — and it struck me:  the best thing for me to do, in this, the new Socialist Utopia, is nothing that I’m commanded to do.
So, are we all socialists now?  Frankly, I am not so complimentary to my fellow Americans.  This is more what we are now.

We've sold our souls in a weak and ultimately futile bid to save our bodies.  Healthcare for freedom. 

Nice trade.

And lest you protest that YOU didn't support what?  If you support Medicare, or Social Security, or farm aid, or any number of entitlements and programs which, merely because of their existence, we have decided have nothing to do with the slow erosion of freedom, then you essentially supported this.  We all are in on this.  Because this -- Obamacare -- would NEVER have happened in a truly free America. 

We gave that up long ago.  We are only now seeing the end game.  And even now, there are those on the left who smirk that such thoughts are hysterical and without substance, just drama.  A tempest in a teacup.

And perhaps they are right.  I know that this decision will not send us to the hills with long rifles and supplies.  It won't even cause us to march on Washington. 

In less than a decade, we will all accept socialized medicine as inevitable, the only REASONABLE response to a broken system.

Never mind that the government had the hammer that smashed the system to bits. 

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