Saturday, June 23, 2012

Have You No SHAME?

In his new Afterburner video, Bill Whittle asks us to follow, not the money, but the ideology in order to find an explanation for the questionable - even potentially explosive - decision of Barack Obama to implicate himself in the Fast and Furious scandal by invoking executive privilege.  Obama took this unprecedented move to prevent additional documents from being turned over to Congress.

Once again, the most transparent White House ever is not so transparent after all.

But why would Obama, who has maintained throughout the investigation that he had no knowledge of the operation, now protect Holder by essentially throwing himself on the sword?  This is not like our boy.  Self-sacrifice is not his deal.  Neither is loyalty.  Normally Obama would be more than happy to throw another body under the bus.  I've often wondered if his favorite song isn't, "The wheels of the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round...."

From The Conservative Treehouse

So why now, with the election months away?  Why do this for Eric Holder?  Why this scandal -- where hundreds of people died through the misuse of power in the DOJ?

I think it's safe to assume that Obama doesn't give a damn about Holder.  And I think it's also safe to assume that Obama really didn't have day to day knowledge of what decisions were being made in Fast and Furious, just as he claims.  So this decision seems inexplicable until one considers ideology.

I agree with Mr. Whittle  - I think it does have to do with ideology - but I think Obama's move is evidence not just of his ideological view supporting anti-gun laws, but of his greater ideological commitment to "the long march through the institutions," as German leftist radical, Rudi Dutschke, once said.

This possibility could prove even more sinister than an attack on the 2nd Amendment. My suspicion is that Obama needs Holder; he needs Holder in that position and he especially needs Holder to be there if he's re-elected.  To be willing to embroil himself in a scandal of this magnitude just before an historic election rather than toss Holder aside as he has done to so many others, might suggest that his plans for Holder are even bigger than destroying the 2nd Amendment.  And that's not good, kittens.  That's not good at all.


The mainstream media long ago sold their souls to the Devil in a Faustian deal for influence and policy-making power.  They aren't about to renege on it now when they see the ultimate prize just inches away - the prize of an America "fundamentally transformed" in their image. Their failure to pursue this story is simply a visible expression of where their loyalties lie.

The media is populated with people who see themselves as crusaders rather than reporters.  There are few, if any, strokes for one's ego in simply telling people the facts of an event; so much more seductively compelling to convince people of what they should believe because of an event.  Aaaahhh!  The real power is influence.  The influence to change history...the influence to MAKE history. 

And it all falls into place when you follow the ideology rather than the money. 

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