Friday, June 8, 2012

Money Talks and Bullsh*t SCREAMS!

The left is going apoplectic after the resounding defeat of Barrett and his UNIONS FIRST message in Wisconsin. Apparently it is inconceivable to them that the voters rejected their openly opportunistic, even corrupt position that taxpayers should meekly be on the hook for whatever the unions want. Basically the message from the left was, "Pay up, bitches." And the taxpayers inexplicably said, "No."

How could this be? How could those stupid worker bees taxpayers just wake up like that?

Simple. Money. Lots of it. So much of it that it murdered democracy or something.

Even more nefarious, the implications are that it was OUTSIDE Koch brothers' money.

So just empty your pretty little heads that issues like contracting with insurance companies for considerably more money than necessary to enrich the companies, the union bosses and Democratic politicians, or asking union members to shoulder the outrageous and democracy-killing burden of minimally contributing to their own pension and insurance benefits had anything to do with it.  Because you would be wrong.  And stupid.  And easily bought with BIG KOCH MONEY.  (I am soooooo glad their name is pronounced Coke!)

To the left, winning or losing is never about the issues, because they are always the good guys and therefore always on the good side. For anyone to disagree with them, it has to be a matter of stupidity or gullibility. Period.

So here's the equation:

Left spends money: getting out the message
Right spends money: brainwashing the stupid

There. That's all there is to it.

This handy little equation can be applied to the 2008 campaign as well. Remember, kittens, how much money Obama raised to get out the message? Yeah...twice as much as McCain. But that was perfectly fine because it just meant that the left had all that sweet sweet money to inform the voters and the right had significantly less money with which to fool them.

Of course, even when it comes to money, the left might be lying.  I know...but stranger things have happened.

In the meantime, I feel a song coming on...

Bring it...