Thursday, June 7, 2012

San Francisco is No Longer Gay

As in happy.  The City Council has passed a ban on McDonald's Happy Meals. Their reasoning? It's the toys. Yes, kittens. The toys are making children fat. Spoons make me fat...but whatever.

I'm pretty sure you could have given my daughter a PONY when she was little and she would NOT have eaten liver and onions. Just sayin'...Besides, how do the little capitalist pigs get the money to buy those Happy Meals which control their mushy little minds anyway?

And what about how they get there for their toy fix 4 or 5 times a week?  If they were jogging, they wouldn't be fat. So they must be driving themselves. HEH! If it can be shown that millions of fat five year olds are able to get valid photo IDs to drive to McDonald's to buy french fries, a Coke and Chicken McNuggets because the toys are just so darn tempting, how do we explain that it is impossible for adults to obtain an ID to vote?

I never get it.

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