Thursday, May 10, 2012

Civilization Is Over

Time magazine's current cover:

Civilization is over as we know it.

Oh, it will undoubtedly stumble on, lurching wildly to maintain some semblance of balance against the inevitable tumble into Idiocracy, like a man who has inadvertently missed the last step down and finds himself lunging forward, legs desperately trying to catch up with his flailing upper body, arms wildly flapping as if attempting to gain lift, but flightless, he meets his destiny in a thud. A thud we all saw coming.

This is society's thud.

For crying out loud, even animals know you have to wean the little shits before they are old enough to push you down and have a snack whenever they want. It seems stupidity is now the best indicator of whether you are "mom enough."

We are rapidly becoming a society which is so self-loathing that we are openly abandoning the values and norms that made us civilized in the first place. Can't hang on much longer now.

A man's point of view. Velociworld weighs in.

The always brilliant Rachel Lucas weighs in as well.


  1. Mah! I wanna drink. But Tommy I thought...what is the gun for Tommy? Ahhhhhhh.

    Yes officer, I am calling about stolen food. I can describe him. He was 4'3", wearing camos and he has a milk mustache.

    Here is your reader for the week!

    1. Anonymous, If you're going to be that funny all the time, you're going to have to step forward into the light. Jesus! I'm HOWLING! Yes, officer...he has a milk mustache.

      Can you be my reader for the day? Every day? HAHAHA!

    2. Well...Princess Bride has been my favorite movie ever since the first time I saw it in the Theatre.(Yes I am that old, and I still have significant portions memorized including both early fight scenes). I only post anonymous here because I don't have any other accounts. My wife and I live out in the country in a dead spot so we have no internet, no cell phones, 5 horses, 2 dogs, 6 cats and uncountable chickens. I look at blogs at work(GASP). And though my wife would like your blog, she will never hear about it because if she saw those goats she would require that we get some and WE CAN'T AFFORD IT! My name is Rick Loos from Wisconsin, but on other blogs that I read (Rachel Lucas, Boots & Sabres), I use Tuerqas.

      In Arnie's words: I'll be back! I could geev my word as Spaniard, but you may know too many Spaniards. And...I ain't Spanish.

    3. HA! I read The Princess Bride years before it was made into a movie. (Yes, I am that much older!) I was going through an unrequited literary love affair with William Goldman, the author of The Marathon Man and the screenplay for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, sometime around junior high when I found a book by Simon Morgenstern and discovered it was written by my major crush, Goldman. The movie, which came out over a decade later, was brilliant and did not disappoint.

      We are going to get along just fine, Tuerqas. Your wife may find me horrifying, though, if she learns that around here, we eat our pets. LOL!

      Stop in frequently. You're a kick in the pants. And I believe that the only true sin is not being funny.