Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Trail of Tears

When a true story becomes so ironic that it would not be taken seriously as fiction, you've got yourself a winner.

Elizabeth Warren - WINNING! 

WITH tiger's blood. Okay...make that Indian tears.

Cornell Law School professor William A. Jacobson, citing a genealogist, claimed Tuesday that Massachusetts Senate hopeful Elizabeth Warren‘s ancestry includes a great-great-great grandfather who helped round up Cherokees in the days leading to the Trail of Tears.

Oh, and it doesn't appear that Ms. Warren's ancestry includes any actual Indians, unless you count the ones her grandfather rounded up for the forced march that is remembered as one of the most shameful and infamous incidents in American history.

Leahy also doubts that O.C. Sarah Smith Crawford is Native American, reporting that she was listed in the Census of 1860 as “white.”

So unless the "white" of O.C. Sarah Smith Crawford is "white" like George Zimmerman's "white", meaning white-Indian, we can assume that the only Indians in Ms. Warren's background were the poor souls her ancestor forced onto the reservation. Kinda fitting for a Democrat, don't you think?

But remember, before you get too outraged, the confused Ms. Warren only noted her Indian ancestry as a faculty member so that people would like her.  Now I see her point.

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