Monday, May 21, 2012

Our Lips Are Sealed

And so are ALL of Obama's records.

From Nice Deb:

Who is Barack Obama? The world may never know.

In the meantime, I feel a song coming on...'cause we might as well dance as the world burns.


  1. Oh but we can! This man had a biography out before he was the President. I sometimes think the whole election thing was just a big plug for his current book and a promise for his many more. We can make Obamaisms for him: If Obama in Sarong, I don't want to be right(there).

    1. ***If Obama in Sarong, I don't want to be right(there).***

      Brilliant! Still laughing!

      Or how about Who Let the Dogs Out? (Or did he eat them?)

    2. Who let the Dogs out...of the slow cooker?

      It brings new meaning to the Alphaville song: Lassie come home (Great band, btw)

      Hope and change, ball and chains...whatever.

  2. Off topic, but maybe fits your comedy sense:,-Bitch.html

    Worth it for the moment she sits on a curb, holding a sign: "Will explicate Baudelaire sonnets 4 food"

    1. Holy shit! That is funny! "We're like the shamans of our culture!" With their MFA's.

      The sign was the BEST! She should sit on campus with that. She probably could make some fast cash off rich but stupid students who haven't a clue what Baudelaire meant in Fleurs du Mal.

      HAHAHAHAHA! I'm sending that link to friends via email just to make SURE they see it.