Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics

Statistics in the glorious age of our Beloved Leader are freaking AWESOME!

Oh...wait...How did Winston Smith let this get out? That boy needs a new job.

Nutting would have us believe that the Democrats' stimulating "investment" in shovel ready jobs that were saved or created to unsuccessfully keep unemployment from soaring past 8.7% cost us next to nothing. That "investments" like Solyndra and LightSquared, while miserable failures that are now bankrupt, accounted for no more than rounding errors. That continuing Bush's expensive wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, while starting a new one in Libya, didn't add a dime to the budget.

Obama has been telling us since he took office that Bush wrecked the economy and that he HAD to spend buckets of money to save us all.  But according to Nutting, Obama must have decided to just wave his magic wand instead, because now Nutting's statistics show Obama ended up spending hardly any money at all. In fact, Beloved Leader is more of a pecuniary tightwad than even that ol' tightwad and master of the universe himself, Clinton the Wonderful.

Only in an election year do trillions of dollars become a teeny weeny hardly-worth-mentioning, what's-all-the-fuss about amount.

And you are a racist if you believe differently. Or if you watch this video.

Racist. Stupid racist.

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