Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

....beg and you're going to get a fistful.

Liberals really are stupid. They always demand more government. In fact, everything they believe in and everything they desire REQUIRES more government because their feel-good, everybody-wins, life-should-be-fair, I-deserve-whatever-I-want bullcrap can only be achieved through the use of force. And government is force. Plain and simple.

So government simply entices all the assholes to concede more and more power by promising all the goodies and toys and bright shiny objects the assholes could ever possibly want. But when it gets to a certain size, government becomes the biggest asshole in the room and it's game over. 'Cause the government has the guns. Remember that power thing I mentioned earlier?

Come on, even stupid liberals ought to have figured that out by now.  It ain't that hard.

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