Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Switch Hitter

Apparently Obama isn't just our first half black, half white, half straight, half gay president.  He is also our first half Christian, half Muslim president. 
“Obama was steeped in Islam but knew nothing about Christianity,” Klein says.
Klein asked Wright if he converted Obama from being a Muslim into a Christian.
"He said, I don’t know about that. but I can tell you that I made it easy for him to come to an understanding of who Jesus Christ is and not feel that he was turning his back on his Islamic friends and his Islamic traditions and his understanding of Islam,” Klein says.
The second area was Obama’s political philosophy. Wright introduced Obama to Black Liberation theology.
According to Reverend Wright, Obama also attempted to bribe him to keep him quiet during the campaign in 2008. So it appears Reverend Wright didn't need to advise Obama on Chicago-style politics. Our bestest president evah had corruption down cold.

Since we've all known this for years, when do we get to say, "Told you so!" to a stupid liberal?

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