Sunday, May 27, 2012

It's Too Early for This....

I've been up since the crack of Good-Lord-You-Can't-Be-Serious! dawn because of the stupid freaking cat who is evil and nocturnal, which for someone like me who loves her beauty sleep is pretty much the same thing. So, ever the busy bunny, I decide to change my user email on this blog from who I really am to who I pretend to be. All super secrety like, 'cause I'm a shy critter. It was a master plan hatched in the wee hours of the morning. Not a great time to hatch anything technical. I should have just stuck to figuring out how to murder the cat without my daughter knowing.

Hours later, I managed to get it done. However, "It" (and that is capitalized deliberately...) wiped out my Blogger profile and now I seem to be attached for life to Google +.  ARRRGGHH! I don't even flipping know how, what, or why Google + exists except to frustrate me.

So that's why I don't like Google...which reminds me of an old favorite...

UPDATE! (I anyone cares!)

I have managed to dump Google + and regain my profile on Blogger. YIPPEE! Took me the better part of all day...but I DID IT! I was not to be defied. I lost two other blogs I was toying with though, which I now seem completely unable to access. Damn!

One was called DINNER IN, where I was going to post recipes, maybe even with those aerial photos all the food blogs have that look as if they were taken from a block and tackle setup over your range in the kitchen, and IN PLACE OF THERAPY, where I was going to hand out sage, free advice, like "You may not be paranoid.  Ever think of that?"

Now all that is gone.

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