Friday, April 13, 2012


Hard-core left-wing feminists, that is.  The ones who were never really for increased opportunity and choice for women, but were actually bent on breaking down the unique roles of wife and mother in society. No marriage? Rampant and random sex, a la Sandra Fluke ($3,000 worth of contraceptives over three years is notably rampant, and infers random 'cause I don't know ANY guy who can keep up with that). No mothers? The state will take care of the kiddies. Don't worry your little head.

Now their claws are showing and it ain't pretty. Hilary Rosen let "slip" her disdain for motherhood a few days ago. The Obama White House quickly disavowed any knowledge, saying she did not speak for them. But there are some who are not convinced.

Wyoming Republican Rep. Cynthia Lummis added that Rosen is part of the administration’s surrogate strategy. According to Lummis, Rosen’s comments were likely no accident.
“They are using surrogate women, including Hilary Rosen, to deliver messages about Republicans that the president does not want to deliver himself for fear of the backlash,” she said. “But quite frankly as somebody who has visited the White House to advise on message over 30 times recently, her remarks are reflective of the message that the political machine within the White House intends to put out. ”

If there is one thing the Obama White House is good at, it's controlling the message.  You can believe this is exactly what they intended. Rosen had her marching orders and she is a good little soldier. Leeeft! Leeeft! Left! Right! OOPS! Left!

And lest you think this is an aberration, a tear in the fabric of the universe, a trick of the vast right-wing conspiracy done with mirrors and hidden microphones, there's this:

H/T Jim Treacher

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