Sunday, April 29, 2012


This crossed my "desk" a few days ago and I considered not posting it because it's so freaking obvious that it's hardly a story. It's certainly not a surprise. Our Beloved Leader is better than every person on the planet. Of course he is. That's why we voted him in to the presidency. He was going to turn back the tides and heal our broken souls.

Now we learn that he finds it impossible to hire anyone to do anything better than he can. The sheer audacity of this dope troubled by his own otherworldly perfection is painful to observe. I mean, we all strive for perfection, don't we? But we fall so miserably short. To know it has been achieved in ONE MAN, and to realize that it is so isolating and frustrating for him, is heartbreaking.  Jim Geraghty brings the tragic story to us via National Review Online. Get your Kleenex.

It appears one of the great challenges that President Obama has had to overcome in office is that no one around him is as good at their job as he is.
From Jodi Kantor’s The Obamas, page 66:
Obama had always had a high estimation of his ability to cast and run his operation. When David Plouffe, his campaign manager, first interviewed for a job with him in 2006, the senator gave him a warning: “I think I could probably do every job on the campaign better than the people I’ll hire to do it,” he said. 

Truly it is lonely at the top.

I feel his pain.

I just wish I had caused it.

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