Tuesday, April 17, 2012


To be fair, if I partied to the tune of over $820,000 in Vegas, I wouldn't remember anything either.

After repeatedly invoking the 5th Amendment at a Congressional hearing, besieged US General Services Administration regional commissionerJeffrey Neely attempted to make a break for it from reporters, but was unsuccessful, and cowered for safety in a crowded elevator while peppered with questions.
Neely was subpoenaed before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee after it was revealed he billed taxpayers for an extravagant $823,000 Las Vegas conference in 2010. Wacky videos of the conference leaked showing many of the controversial expenditures at the conference including a clown, bicycles, and tuxedos.
Following the hearing, Neely fled, with reporters in hot pursuit. Despite his best efforts, he was caught and was forced to respond to questions about the scandal.
“Do you have anything to say Mr. Neely?” a reporter asked him in the elevator.
“I do not.” Neely shot back.

Come on, baby. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

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