Tuesday, April 17, 2012


And by "red" you can infer ink.

But not to worry.  Obama and his crack team of expert, super smart czars are BOUND to get one right eventually. Even a blind chicken gets a few acorns. The scoop on this story belongs to Maggie Thurber:
Following bad news over the weekend, another solar firm announces major restructuring moves, including layoffs, today.

First Solar (FSLR) was kicked off the Nasdaq-100 Monday and replaced by Texas Instruments.  First Solar is based in Tempe, AZ, but was founded in Toledo under the name of Solar Cells, Inc.  Their only U.S. manufacturing facility is in Perrysburg Township.

In October, they fired their CEO.  In December, they announced 100 layoffs and a delay at their Mesa plant.  

Today, they announced further changes, including closing operations and laying off 2,000 - roughly 30% of their workforce

It appears Obama and Crew haven't gotten it right yet again. But don't be so cynical. Maybe they will next time. I think we should give them another four more years to see if they can finally pick a winner. How much can it cost?

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