Wednesday, April 18, 2012


And we're all boned owned.

After about five centuries of modern science, since the Scientific Revolution, Science has finally officially confirmed a global oligarchy. Although for, conservatively, 10,000 years ruling families have crafted civilization into a dominating matrix, not until this week has Science confirmed the Truth – or, more accurately, the half-truth.
With movements like the Tea Party, Occupy Wall Street and the Silver Liberation Army attempting to gain influence in global decision making, “science may have confirmed the protesters’ worst fears.”

Here's the stupid part: the study showed a group of globally interconnected corporations that control most of the wealth on the entire planet, but still scientists were unsure if these corporations exerted political power. HOLY EFFING CRAP! Are you serious? This is unclear?

Oh, but never you fear, the answer is MORE GOVERNMENT. There, that oughta fix things.

Oh my God, I have to go lie down.

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