Friday, April 27, 2012


According to a recent poll, conducted by Fox News (that rabid right wing conspiratorial racist network), a whopping 65% of Americans think Michelle Obama is just dandy.  Only 28% think she is less than super.  While those numbers are frankly jaw-dropping, the one that really amazes me is the 7% who are unsure. Really? Unsure what you think after almost four years of this?

Such stately composure. Representing our country and all...

Or, when she's dressed up...perhaps something more like...this?

Who are you 7% who can be unsure about the most polarizing First Lady in the history of American politics?  Honestly, even in today's world of Sandra Fluke's and Sarah Palin's, the role of the First Lady is to quietly, elegantly, with grace and style, represent the American people. The First Lady must be seen as dignified and supportive of her husband's position as president at all times. She is not president. She is not a policy maker. She is not employed.  She is a freaking WIFE! The last First Lady who was this vulgar was Hillary Clinton and for many of the same reasons. Hillary did not perform her role as First Lady with grace either. As she is reported to have said, "WE are the President!"  Really?

THIS, my friends, is what a classy First Lady looks like.

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