Thursday, April 26, 2012


This is an honest question. How is it that liberals never question their belief that "smart" guys must plan and run the economy, when these "smart" guys never get it right? Never. Ever. As in NEVER!

More Americans than forecast filed applications for unemployment benefits last week, a sign that the labor market is taking time to improve.

Jobless claims fell by 1,000 to 388,000 in the week ended April 21 from a revised 389,000 the prior period that was the highest since early January, Labor Department figures showed today in Washington. The median forecast of 48 economists surveyed by Bloomberg News called for a drop to 375,000.

A sign that the labor market is taking time to improve? How about the labor market is struggling to survive on life support and the Democrats are standing on the air hose.

If there is one constant with government, no matter who is in charge, they are always wrong with their rosy projections. Since Obama took office I would suggest that the one thing we've heard more than "it's George Bush's fault" is "we didn't see this coming."

It's point the finger or shrug the shoulders. Not the best management style. So why do liberals continue to put their trust in people just because they managed to lie their way into elected office, and reflexively distrust anyone who, like them, is a private citizen?  It's a puzzlement.

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