Thursday, April 26, 2012


Or Cloward and Piven, to be more precise. Blockbuster movie opening soon.

Plot:  Elect a completely unknown "empty suit" with the help of the media who refuse to vet him and in fact sell him as uber cool and "not like us" in the middle of a financial crisis precipitated by government overreach and mounting public debt only to have him slam the government spending-overreach gas pedal to the floor in the best "never let a crisis go to waste" use of a crisis in America's history. Guess what happens?

Spoiler: When the debt is so out of control that everyone is as scared as a 13 year old watching a Saw movie, the answer is not to control spending, but to control YOU.

Snyopsis:  GM. Obamacare. Fast and furious. Columbian hookers. Wild Vegas parties. Black panthers with billy clubs. Everybody dies. THE END.

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