Sunday, January 13, 2013

If you're going to be stupid, you'd better be pretty

Actually, I agree with her.

Miss Iowa, on the legalization of marijuana:

Answers like that - and a pretty smile - can get you 4th place. Okay.

But where did Miss California end up, because this answer is positively brilliant.

That muddled response was overshadowed by Miss California, Leah Cecil whom responded to a pre-pageant question on ABC about her thoughts on euthanasia, “That’s a vaccine, right?”

That is right, sweetheart. It cures everything.

Of course, no post on the stupidity of beauty contestants is complete without revisiting that classic by Miss South Carolina:

I personally believe U.S. Americans are unable to do so because uuuh...some people out there in our nation don't have maps...but they have GUNS! So we're good. Somebody shoot something, will ya?

Smart AND fashion savvy. Judge, we have a winner!


  1. Miss Iowa's almost ready for a career in politics. She fell apart at the end but otherwise she's got the "answer the question you prepared and ignore the one you were asked" bit down pat.

    Imagine the 2007 one going like this; Oh my God, this is so awesome! I was just up on Facebook half the night chatting about sampling techniques and statistical methodologies and the implications for public policy. Do you have one those polls for me to look at? Obviously I'd have to examine its validity before I could intelligently discuss it. Eeeek! Mario?! Mario?! Is there a doctor here? He's fainted!

    or maybe: Because a lot of people are pretty damned stupid and our schools have a long way to go just to get to suckville. Eeeek! Mario?! Mario?! Is there a doctor here? he's fainted!

    1. Hell, I'd have fainted if she'd said that!

      Fainted from lack of oxygen because of laughing so hard I couldn't draw breath.

      I think we need more euthanasia.

  2. Maybe some of those asian euths could come over here and raise the collective IQ? :D

    1. But do they have maps? Because apparently it is a critical problem in this country.

  3. Amazing that such good looking girls have so much vacuum between the ears...

    1. Maybe God just spend to much time on the outside, He forgot to stuff their heads with anything. HAHAHAHA!

      But serioulsy, it's not really surprising. The prettier you are, the lazier you can be intellectually, if you're so inclined. You get a pass. In fact, there is very subtle but constant social pressure to BE stupid. Everyone thinks the really pretty girl who says something hilariously stupid is ADORABLE and it is a great way to get attention without threatening anyone.

      To be both beautiful and smart only gets you accusations of being a bitch. And FORGET going on a date! This is during high school. It gets much better as you get older.

      But, at the end of the day, that shortcut to popularity leaves you asking if euthanasia is a vaccine. OMFG.

    2. "But, at the end of the day, that shortcut to popularity leaves you asking if euthanasia is a vaccine."

      Bahahaha! Saved that and gonna work that in somewhere somehow...