Monday, January 14, 2013

Obama is bloviating.

Is there any way to politely scream at the TV, "SHUT UP! SHUT THE HELL UP, YOU LYING SACK!"

Probably not.

But he is making the most outrageous threats and accusations about the debt ceiling. He is laying all the blame at the feet of Congress for the spending, saying that now they have to live up to the obligation of paying for all the bills they racked up.

WHO racked up those bills, Mr. Effing President? WHO?

As I recall, there hasn't been a budget in years. You've been allowed to spend anything you damn well wanted without so much as a "how do you do" to  Congress.

And now it's THEIR fault?

What a monster.


  1. Probably got his panties in a bunch because the Fed told Tiny Timmy to tell him to go pound sand on the platinum coin gimmick.

  2. Wusses always blame others for their faults.

    I would love to see every media outlet do a montage of clips showing the President bitching about Congress and overlaying a commentator stating how much he pisses off every time his family climbs into Air Force One. Maybe once they realize they'll be the first in box cars, they'll start being honest and actually reporting the facts without embellishment.

  3. One of the hardest things to convince someone of is that the lies they have been touting are visible to others. I think the press KNOWS they are lying and covering up for the president. I think most leftists KNOW they are lying when they talk about utopia and "the children." But what they CAN NOT ABIDE is when someone calls them on their lies.

    It's not only okay to be a liar, it's often advantageous. It's never advantageous to have someone CALL you a liar. So they will bluster and accuse and denigrate and use every last bit of ink and prestige they have as journalists to destroy anyone who points out their duplicity. They won't admit otherwise until they are actually ON the box cars.

  4. I stopped watching Il Douche, the BlightBringer, even before the 2008 election. Tvs and monitors are expensive to replace, and the warranty does not cover bullet holes.

    1. It was on in the next room, but I could hear it's voice droning on in the awful, nauseating sing song cadence that everyone tells me is proof of it's amazing intelligence and mesmerizing speaking ability.

      I could just puke.

    2. Our Prime Minister Julia Gillard has much the same effect on me. She is such a lying sack of shit..