Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Descent

Remember when the left sniffed temperamentally that there was such a thing as "fake but accurate"? It was simply a matter of misunderstanding, they pointed out, that documents which had been falsified were, in fact, falsified. The plebeian protests against this creation of "truth" only served to illustrate how the rarefied intellectual heights inhabited by the left and from which this "truth" emanated clouded the little people's ability to understand "truth". "Fake but accurate" was an attempt to convey to you idjits that there are times when it is not just permitted but when it is a moral imperative to make up facts in order to convey the "truth". Bitter clingers, right-wingers, extremists, absolutists, and idjits can not understand this. Y'all are too rigid. Y'all believe the truth demands that you yield to it -- not the other way around. But the left, in its infinite superior wisdom, in its intellectual agility, is free to mold the truth, shaping it to conform to their immediate needs.

Now they have added the additional subtle twist of making up facts to help their guy.  The left swings both ways, doncha know.

President Obama recently announced that he goes skeet shooting, like, all the time. Uncharitably many of you questioned this assertion, so the press jumped into action to back up our beloved.

Just a man and his gun. Skeet shooting at Camp David. All the time.

Are those shells in his pocket?

Instantly this picture was tweeted out by the New Republic to prove our beloved's bona fides as an avid hunter because y'all didn't believe him. Even a girl called his bluff.

Representative Marsha Blackburn was having none of it.

“If he’s a skeet shooter, why have we not heard of this? Why have we not seen photos? Why hasn’t he referenced this at any point in time?” 
Not content with questioning our beloved's hunting prowess, she racistly challenged him to a duel, of sorts.

Ms. Blackburn upped the ante of proof for Mr. Obama: “I think he should invite me to Camp David, and I’ll go skeet shooting with him and I bet I’ll beat him,” she said, in a Newser report.

Mr. Obama’s self-professed love of the shooting game came via a Sunday report in The New Republic, in which he addressed concerns that his gun control push would hurt hunters. In the report, and by way of reassuring hunters, Mr. Obama claimed that at Camp David, “we do skeet shooting all the time.”

Well, Miss Smarty Pants, there's your photo, courtesy of the New Republic. As crack reporters of The Truth, they quickly found a photo to tweet out across the Twitterverse to prove -- PROVE -- that our beloved shoots skeet, like, all the time at Camp David.

Do you doubt this? Can you not see the evidence with your own stupid eyes? Look at that stance, that cool, level gaze, that masterful handling of a dangerous, potentially illegal shotgun (potentially illegal for you little people, anyway). This man shoots skeet!

If you still doubt the evidence OF YOUR OWN EYES because of your rigid ideological racist hatred of our beloved, the picture was found right here:

Parody site of the White House which fooled the smartest guys on the team.

Right there it is, on the internet and everything. And we all know, or at least the very, very smart New Republic knows, that if it's on the internet, it's TRUE! Or true enough, anyway. True enough to fool all you idjits.

Well, it certainly fooled some people.

But you idjit right-wingers were not fooled?  RAAAAAACISTS! 

And so the descent. Mark my words. If you question our beloved's hunting skills and love of the sport, it is only because you are a racist. This is a HUGE dog whistle. Remember the old phrase, "great white hunter"?


So shut up, you racists.

I think the press has really pegged it this time.


Proof positive. Only a racist would question this.


  1. I wonder what they'll come up with when someone points out Obama has never been Donald Duck?

    1. If he had been, I'd have shot him. I love duck.

  2. He said "we go skeet shooting", implying he had done so personally, but it was almost certainly the collectivist "we". "We" really just meant somebody in the group shot skeet while he was in the generally vicinity. You always have to figure out what the meaning of "is" is with Democrats.

    1. I'm sure the "we" referred to Secret Service agents practicing on the back lawn.

    2. I believe, RG, that the "we" he used was not the collectivist "we", but rather the Royal "We". Il Douche considers himself the ruler of this country, and really wants to be King of the USA. His being Party Secretary might be acceptable to him, but he would rather be the sole authority rather than "first among equals".
      I also imagine that the ones shooting skeet at Camp David would be the Marine guards. I doubt very seriously that the big pussy could ever bring himself to touch one of those evil guns.

    3. I thought about that, he would like to be the ruler rather than just President. They have similar meanings but to me the royal "we" implies that the sovereign takes responsibility for results and the collectivist "we" implies that no one does.

      Apparently they dug up someone who would say they'd seen him skeet shooting a couple of times. That he was really uncomfortable, didn't enjoy it, and left after a few minutes because skeet shooting is really hard. That's just pitiful if true.

  3. You can see how they were fooled though. It's such a natural shooting stance. When you're watching your shot go downrange you tend to stand just like that, trying to will it onto the target.

    1. Or maybe he was trying to encourage Bo to go get whatever he shot.

      I like the golfing gloves hanging out of his shorts pocket. HAHAHA!

  4. Official image of "Deadeye" Obama skeet shooting released. Okay that might have been slightly photoshopped.

    1. HOW DARE HE??? He must be racist. Wait....