Saturday, January 12, 2013

Security requires more than guns.

For those of you, like me, who are not "techie" in the least, but still avail themselves of the glories of the internet on a regular basis, this story from Fellowship of the Minds is extraordinarily important.

Security experts, researchers and analysts have discovered a vulnerability in the widely used Java software that has the potential to allow hackers to access to your computer.
Oracle’s Java platform is used and installed on more than one billion user computers worldwide. Three billion mobile phones are running the software too.

It's always something. The more intertwined we become through the "web" (which I've always thought was a deliciously spooky and yet insightfully descriptive name), the more we are vulnerable to others' bad, stupid, evil shit. Hey! Just like socialism....but I digress...Anywho, since I am not inclined to "look under the hood" of my computer, I take seriously those who do.

Please visit this website and go through the fairly easy steps to remove Java from your computer and then disable it on the browsers which you routinely use.

You know I love you, kittens.


  1. Well crap, seems like they just had one of these not too long ago. At least with that one it didn't affect the 6 series so I didn't have to mess with those computers but there seems to be some contention about that on this one. We use a couple of apps based on java so I can't just uninstall it from all the computers. At least one guy uses a website from the state that requires it. Sigh, at least I got a bunch fixed that I could remote into.

  2. What I do is use Firefox with Java disabled as my main browser, and for the odd time I really need to go to a website that uses Java I will use the Chrome browser with Java enabled. That way cuts down on the Java risk quite a bit.