Friday, January 4, 2013

Showing their hand.

With the election of President Obama to a second term, the left in this country is now quite comfortable with showing its open contempt for the rights of American citizens. This is the online petition for the repeal of the 2nd Amendment.

So you thought electing Obama to a 2nd term was safer than that Mormon?

My question to all the good little liberals.


Mine is here. As Ted Nugent says, "You can kiss my ass."

I know this is foolish and naive of me, but if every law-abiding gun owner in the United States simply refused to turn in his or her guns and accepted prison, it would collapse the court system and destroy the legitimacy of our government.


Without a single shot.

MoveOn Petitions on repeal. Take your pick.


  1. ACW 2.0 on the way. You'd better be prepared, people.

    1. The saddest thing about this is how quickly our country has turned. And that there actually WILL be police officers and officials who will confiscate guns if it comes to that. The DHS and TSA have already set the tone and standard. They DO NOT CARE that they are destroying the Constitution. If you ask them, they just say, "It's the law." When you respond that the law is unconstitutional, they just give you a blank stare or repeat themselves. When you really corner them, every single one of them says that they hate it but they needed a job. I honestly believe they have been trained in what to say. It's too rote, too practiced, and way too fucking common. THEY ALL SAY THE SAME THING. It's like dealing with robots. It's spooky as hell. I travel a lot and I always engage the agents. NEVER go through the stupid body scanner.

      We are already waaaaaay down the road of a culture of bureaucracy that will gladly take every last single freedom from "the people" up to and including arrest and imprisonment simply for standing up for your rights.

      It's scary as hell.

    2. Yep, all through history it's been the same pattern.

      All too often the sheep go willingly to the slaughter.

      And people have always been willing to give up other peoples freedoms for the sake of their own safety (they think).

    3. Yes, Morris. Freedom is filled with risks. There are no guarantees in freedom. People will happily bargained away a little freedom here and a little freedom there for the promise of security.

      They lose the freedom and gain nothing for it. But they never learn.