Sunday, January 20, 2013

It's Sunday morning and after church - and brunch - I might just shoot something.

I beg the pardon of anyone I've offended recently with my crazy rantings about gun confiscation and the true intent of Democrats just seeking reasonable compromise on 2nd Amendment rights to insure the public safety. My deepest apologies. Apparently, Democrats LOVE the 2nd Amendment. To prove how much they love guns, they want to take them all for themselves. Here is the list of torrid wet dreams of New York Democrats concerning their love affair with the 2nd Amendment.

The truth, courtesy of Steve McLaughlin, REPUBLICAN, NY State Assemblyman. 

From his Facebook page:
Here it is. This is the video where I was asked to keep the Democrat proposals for the NY SAFE Act away from the public. This list was given to me by a colleague and it is not confidential.

This bill was an attack on the 2nd amendment and the Democrats clearly wanted to dismantle the work of the Founding Fathers. None of these amendments were included in the final bill thanks to us fighting back. I will not stand silent while these unpatriotic proposals are pathetically thrown at us a 11 o’clock at night:

1. Confiscation of "assault weapons"
2. Confiscation o ten round clips
3. Statewide database for ALL Guns
4. Continue to allow pistol permit holder's information to be replaced to the public
5. Label semiautomatic shotguns with more than 5 rounds or pistol grips as "assault weapons”
6. Limit the number of rounds in a magazine to 5 and confiscation and forfeiture of banned magazines
7. Limit possession to no more than two (2) magazines
8. Limit purchase of guns to one gun per person per month
9. Require re-licensing of all pistol permit owners
10. Require renewal of all pistol permits every five years
11. State issued pistol permits
12. Micro-stamping of all guns in New York State
13. Require licensing of all gun ammo dealers
14. Mandatory locking of guns at home
15. Fee for licensing, registering weapons
Oh...and let's not share this information with the "little people" because they could very likely get all uppity and not want to be "reasonable" and might even refuse to "compromise."

Yeah...I'd say so. A little.

I'll think have that drink now.

H/T: Weasel Zippers and Ace of Spades Headquarters


  1. My attitude is: you want 'em, come get 'em, pussies.
    Fortunately, we seem to have intelligent people in our state legislature, or at least a majority of intelligent people, who know better than to even try to pass such organic fertilizer of male bovine origin.
    Sheriffs in Kentucky, Alabama, Texas, and other states have already put the feds on notice, that not only will they not cooperate in a federal gun grab, but they would deputize every gun owner in their county, as necessary, to use whatever amount of force necessary to stop such a gun grab in their county.

  2. If they follow the standard pattern, the next step would be an FBI/ATF raid on some "anti-government extremists" group's compound. ATF if they want it to go horribly wrong for maximum public impact.

  3. I wonder which "anti-government extremist" group they'll choose? A VFW post? American Legion? A Boy Scout Jamboree? A gathering of the Southern Baptists?

    1. Oooh, Baptists! That'd be a two-fer, conservative and religious. Probably making green bean casseroles of mass destruction.

    2. Do not joke about green bean casseroles. They can kill from 20 paces.