Thursday, January 3, 2013

The one thing. Change.

This little video does a pretty good job of explaining the fallout of the Very Bad No Good 17th Amendment.

But it starts a line of thought which carries us back through all of human history. Bill Whittle does an extraordinary job (as always) in explaining the importance of the 17th Amendment in the context of our nation's history and mankind's history.

In short, mankind's history is the story of the struggle and pain of change, for change always brings fear and uncertainty -- even real loss. But to cease to change is to die. That is why, for all their rallying cries for "CHANGE!" progressives always bring death. At the heart of their calls for "CHANGE!" is the desire to actually stop any change which they see as a threat to their own security or power. 

The free market of a free people is the most changeable, fluid, spontaneous environment imaginable. It is fundamentally based on change. It cannot operate as a free market without the ability to radically, even painfully, change things, people, ideas, outcomes -- without answering to POWER.

To bring the inventiveness, initiative, self-expression, curiosity, imagination and spirit of a people to its knees in the name of "CHANGE!" requires a great deal of power. The power to punish and to reward, to control and to kill. The progressives' cry for "CHANGE!" is intended to destroy true change since it is always -- and only -- expressed through the power of government.

Here's my nutshell summation, for what it's worth.

Conservatives understand that principles are unchangeable, but that everything that exists because of those principles is constantly changing.

Liberals believe that principles are as changeable and fluid as the next guy's opinion, but that all the results that happen from this mishmash of "relativistic" values must be made UNchangeable.

Pick which one makes the most sense to you.


  1. Our mega-government is the biggest bubble the world has ever seen. We've pumped ever more power and money into it for a century and the returns keep getting smaller and smaller. Now they're into desperation money printing and power grabbing moves to keep it from deflating. Ultimately I don't think they can do it, they've probably guaranteed that it'll pop instead.

    1. POP! Go the weasels!

      And I'll laugh and laugh and laugh.

      I do hope they pop like big gooey abscesses. I'm a vet's wife, after all. Nothing quite like the explosion of a great big abscess. It's very satisfying, actually. HAHAHA!

  2. The right kind of change can be a great force for good.

    I'm reminded of a great line in the film 'Dune', in which the Duke Atreides is talking to his son Paul - "Without change something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken"

    1. I love Dune. And I'm not a fan of science fiction. But that was a terrific novel.

      Yes, change forces the sleeper awake. And most of us, bless our little hearts, avoid it with everything we have -- up to and including lying, cheating, stealing and murder. But without change we are dead, whether we admit it or not. The walking dead.

      I could really get into the weeds on this one, spiritually speaking, but suffice it to say that I believe change is vital to the growth of character and "soulfulness". Of course, few of us really WANT or CARE about building character when it comes with the risk of failure and pain, and so we choose safety instead of the challenge and the risk of change every time.

      To embrace change -- true change -- is to live life fearlessly and fiercely. Anything else is cowardice masquerading as righteousness. Just like the leftest who is always fighting for someone else. The goodies and protections and favors they demand from others are always to soothe another's pain. They are just the impassioned warrior, fighting for the voiceless.

      Yeah fucking right.