Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Oh! For f*&k's sake!

Tomorrow we, the little people, the stupid people, the angry, violent, regressive, atavistic, glassy-eyed bitter clingers who hate children and love guns, are going to be lectured by our Beloved Leader on how little, stupid, angry, violent, regressive atavistic, glassy-eyed and bitter we are because we insist on clinging to our guns just so we can continue to kill kids.


And because subtleness does not tend to work on little, stupid, angry, violent, regressive, atavistic, glassy-eyed bitter clingers, Beloved Leader will be surrounded by children while he shakes his courtly finger at us.

GET OFF MY TV, YOU LITTLE F*&KERS! (BAM! BA-BAAM! BAM!) OOPS! Now how am I going to watch killing on the Outdoor Channel? Damn. Should have thought of that before I started shooting.

He's going to be surrounded by children. So that America gets it. So that America can understand that if law-abiding people are allowed to own guns, children will die. Children. You know, the short people we hate. CHILDREN! But you can't take away our guns! We want to shoot them. Just for fun. Besides, since the liberals didn't abort all of them, they must have intended to leave some around to serve as target practice for the rest of us.

Why else would we want to own guns? Who ARE we going to shoot, anyway, if it isn't the children?

All these men were doing it for the children.

Look at their little faces....aaaaahhhh. All lined up like that........


Safety, my ass. 

Honestly, I'm as angry as I've ever been in my entire life. Talk about politicizing a tragedy!?!?! How is it that the left is being allowed to get away with this insulting, disgusting attempt to openly manipulate people's emotions to achieve the complete surrender of our Constitutional rights? HOW?

Nothing makes me angrier than when the left parades children before us. What outrageous hypocrisy. What utter conceit. These are the people who refuse to discuss any restrictions on their right to kill any child at any time until, I guess, the neighbors know you have one.

First we were called racists because we questioned the actions of a black president. Then we were called selfish and hateful because we questioned the overreach of a lawless government. And now we are child murderers because we refuse to relinquish our guns to the tyrants.

Cold. Dead. Hands. Assholes. Cold. Dead. Hands.

For the children.



  1. Gad, you're good.

    Nice shot...ummmm, shots.

    1. Did you read where New York state quietly passed gun laws last night that make virtually any gun owner in the state a criminal? Magazines that hold more than 7 bullets are now illegal. And there is no grandfather clause...only a grace period to turn in what is now illegal.


      It's on.

  2. In my opinion that makes those who formed and brought in that law, it makes them criminal and traitors to your country. They have discarded your second amendment and therefore your Constitution. That makes *them* the lawless ones in my opinion.

    I've *seen* the results of removing people's rights to self defense here in Australia. The facts prove there has been an increase in violence - not a reduction. Cops regularly tell people to not resist the evil-doers. **facepalm**.

    1. Not resist?

      Without a gun, I would have no choice but to not resist. Spitting and scratching is not a really effective defense. I weigh only about 113 lbs. I live in the country with no close neighbors. My husband is often gone on business trips.

      I have a gun. And I don't ask questions first.

    2. They are certainly domestic enemies. Military, make your move before We The People have to.

  3. I wonder if those children at the press conference will be standing in front of Obama like the little human shields they are.

    1. My question is: when will people begin to realize everything is a dog and pony show with this asshole? Doctors posing in white coats for Obamacare, little kids surrounding him in a speech on gun control.

      At what point, even if you are a good little liberal, are you insulted by the obvious attempt to manipulate you?

      Oh! And remember how MENTIONING Benghazi by Romney was beyond the pale and politicizing a tragedy?

      I could just puke.

    2. I wish I knew, it's like some bizarre mass psychosis. They're determined to live in a fantasy world no matter what. I keep thinking eventually reality will penetrate and they'll start waking up but it keeps not happening.

    3. some bizarre mass psychosis.

      Yes. It is. And it's going to get worse, not better. Seems to me that history shows us that once a mass psychosis grabs a people, the only "cure" is to plunge into the abyss. They never seem to pull out of the crazy until there is tragedy and blood. Whether it's the Salem witch trials or Hitler's death camps, the crazy needs its blood sacrifice.

      I can't WAIT to hear what our Beloved Leader (Pwesident Pwecious, as Rachel calls him! HAHAHAHA!) has to say. If he signs an Executive Order for a federal gun registry, then it's game ON! Or it should be....

      The first, and very necessary, step in confiscating your guns is finding out where they are.